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  1. SK says:

    I watched this last night i love her tits fam and there is just something sexy about Ava i just wish she would fuck us chocolate brothers more often. I still love watching her in roleplaying scenes though

    • Wordup… those Ava Tits are something SERIOUS…. I love em the most when she first came out… But, I have to admit… whatever she did to em in the last year, or so… is DEFINITELY looking RIGHT!!

      I have that post you just sent, with those links save… Ima be working on those joints… in the near future… 😉 (I hope “thunderthighs” already has a nice catalog built up, because we are DEFINITELY grabbing that asap)

  2. RicoDaKid says:

    I just realized she did something to her tits! She didn’t even need to but they still look great!

  3. damez says:

    ava used to go by the name Alexia Roy , i remember her from a couple of playboy magazines i own lol , there is 1 interracial scene of her out there but its kinda meh, definitely not in the quality of stuff like this ,

    for all we know diamond lou might end up being the first brotha to have a proper IR scene with her lol

  4. Suge says:

    Those tits something serious. Ava needs to give Eva Notty some pointers on how to get a good boob job.

    I cry everytime I see a new Eva Notty scene…

  5. Nino Brown says:

    In case y’all didn’t know, she had a breast reduction years back. Then she got implants *shrugs* she’s had em for a couple years at least. But my question is why is this white woman so damn thick.

    • I don’t think that was a surgical reduction… I thought that was post-child reduction… remember she had a kid, left… came back & they were kinda wack, and she lost ALOT of weight… then she thicken’d up a little and next thing you know the Tits were back on swoll…

      • Nino Brown says:

        They’re implants. She said it herself. You can tell by how big they are. Her tits weren’t even that big before she lost em, and she didn’t put THAT much weight on. She’d be fat.

        • Right, I never knew she said it… I’m just saying they looked definitely modified… but, it wasn’t until after she had the baby and came back to the game… and they were looking funny for a couple of scenes, until she got them upgraded…

          Regardless… she made a GREAT decision, with a VERY good doctor… because them bad boys are SPOT ON…