Kink: Luscious Lopez

Posted: 24th February 2017 by RealFastMustang in anal, assoholics, DAMN, latin fire, PHAT ASSES
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  1. z8g says:

    lucious is back?!? cam sites not paying enough?

  2. Wil Alling says:

    Nice find! Luscious once again lives to her name (or at least her stage name). Thanks for the upload.

  3. noss says:

    Video was broken in the k2s link

  4. CurveLuv says:

    She is def one of those stars who should’ve started a few years later so her work would be mostly in HD, sadly very little of her scenes are in HD. Brianna Love, Krystal Jordan, Carmen Kinsley, Whitney Stevens, etc. I mean damn, HD has been widely available since around 2003, although not cheap in the early days, so what, these companies made/make plenty of money to film in HD. So sad none of her DP scenes were in HD, thanks a lot for this HD scene RFM!

    • Booty Brigade says:

      Damn, @CurveLuv makes a really good point: the first, original golden wave of PAWGs isn’t available in HD for the most part. I recall talking about Ryan Conner literally for years when we had the board up on this site (Aww man, good times bruh — good times) in GOAT discussions and no one but the old horns really knew what was up.

      This was for several reasons. First, you still had to buy or rent the flicks (in *some cases, on VHS tapes). Second, BangBros pretty much was the only mainstream clips site that regularly was trying to give you a regular stream of PAWG material. (Remember the dynamic duo of Olivia O’Lovely and Flower Tucci, with occasional, later appearances by Luscious Lopez and Aurora Jolie?)

      West Coast Productions was giving you that heat as well, especially when they had Lex, Mandingo, Jack Napier, and Justin Slayer all starring in and producing content for them, pretty much exclusively. But cats back then still couldn’t really crossover to do mainstream sites like you see cats doing Blacked and DarkX now.

      Third, as @CurveLuv says, the HD technology was available early, but the film industry (and yes, porn is still considered part of the movie industry — even if it’s on the fringes) wasn’t going hard on that format because it didn’t want to end up like the music industry, with all its stuff flying around for free. So porn, which historically has been an early adopter lab for the movie industry, wasn’t really pushing the HD stuff but so hard.

      This is one of the reasons BangBros’ remaster series was so popular: (slightly) better resolution for a whole generation of PAWGs that cats either hadn’t seen at all, or had seen (and had good memories of), but either had the clips in crappy 360p or had totally missed them.

      Also, HDD prices were MUCH higher than they are now: so even if you had a really good high speed connection, where were you going to store all that video? Relative to today’s external and internal HDD capacities, those video file sizes were huge and would totally max out your HDD — even at the lower resolution. (Heck, @RFM *had to post stuff in the lower rez on her for years because cats couldn’t download it because their connection was slow, or cats didn’t have room to store it.)

      The only reason cats really are on Ryan Conner now is because she came back in the game. (I see her seed, Dylan Phoenix, don’t seem to be performing anymore. Classic Pete Rose/Pete Rose Jr situation: gotta be hard to make a name out here for yourself when everyone sees you and adds the disclaimer “Man, you think she’s hot? You should see her mom.”)

      And just to make everybody feel really old, this clip with Luscious is LITERALLY almost 10 years old (May 2007).

      • Good Read. 😉

        “(Heck, @RFM *had to post stuff in the lower rez on her for years because cats couldn’t download it because their connection was slow, or cats didn’t have room to store it.)”


        ……….. As a dude that stays up on all the latest technology, from TV’s, to cars, to phones, CPU’s whatever… I knew the HD wave was gonna HIT HARD in porn, once everyone caught onto it, but it was tough tryna push cats onto 2GB files… when I knew ALOT of dudes that frequented the site were still on 4X3 monitors, basic video cards and maybe 250GB Hard Drives…

        I remember watching shit in 720, like… “DAMN, I NEED these dudes to get on this shit!” – But, I would get ALOT of “RFM, you got an SD version??… You got a smaller file size…”

        Now, it’s the opposite… if /when I post a standard only… Dudes are like, “you got anything higher?” 🙂

      • CurveLuv says:

        Personally I find the quality of the Bangbros Remastered to be severly lacking. I mean it was never filmed in HD to begin with so to me it looks like shit. The Score throwbacks on the other hand look great bc they were originally filmed in 1080p but released in SD. My main point was these companies/studios should be much better than this. Let’s face it, a smart company/studio filming right now would be doing so in 8K. You’d “future proof” your content and it would allow to re-release older scenes in higher quality as technology progressed, just like what Score has been doing. It would also allow to sit on some content for a min and then release it when the demand was the highest. Just imagine if a company/studio just announced that they had 50 brand new, never before seen “lost” scenes of Brianna Love in 1080p??? Their sites would be on FIRE! Imagine the same thing happening with other big names that are retired! It’s not rocket science, spend a little more money on the front side to make a whole lot more money on the backside.

        I can’t believe I forgot about Aurora Jolie!?! She is IMO one of the top 5 stars to ever do porn. I’m still hurt she never got that pussy fucked on camera, like anybody really believed she was a virgin. She would have been prime meat for DPs the way she could use that ass. If she was smart she would make a comeback, only this time her pussy would be open for business. She’d prob get booked every day, us curve lovers can only imagine!

        Sorry for the long comment RFM, just had to get that off my chest.

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