Bay Beauty Horse Ranch (PinkyXXX)

Posted: 8th February 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, big tits, black booty, DAMN, oiled asses/tits, PHAT ASSES
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  1. Phat-ass-lovin-fool says:

    TRUE STORY: I’m dating this chick for about 3 months and she decides… “let’s go to the zoo”. Fuck a zoo… but it was pussy… so I agreed! Anyway, we’re at the zoo and we see these BIG ass Clydesdale horses – kept inside one of those old-style, western fences – the one’s with just 2 boards going sideways. It’s one of those fences you can climb over or duck under. They’re just there to keep the horses corralled.

    Anyway, this chick stands next to the horse and ask me to take a picture of her with the horse. Right as I’m about to snap the picture… this horse’s GIGANTIC DICK literally drops out of his belly… and it’s dick INSTANTLY gets hard as a rock! It looked like an extra long, baseball bat! Then it reached over and GRABBED her by the leg – YES! I SAID “GRABBED” – and busted a big load on her shoe! The entire episode happened within a second!

    I was angry… jealous… embarrassed… envious… and, strangely, aroused… all at the same damn time! She was scared as hell at first because it grabbed her and she didn’t realize (at first) what was grabbing her – a GIANT DICK! She screamed and pulled away from it, then she started laughing (uncomfortably) for a minute. Then she started crying uncontrollably. She threw the shoes away and we left the zoo. Good times.

    Moral of the story: It’s perfectly OK to bust a nut on a girl… as long as you’re standing behind a fence.

    Great post, RFM… but I’m gonna pass on this one… for obvious reasons! (LOL)

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yeah, I’d probably avoid this one too bro…

    • juice says:

      you so full of shit breh

      • Phat-ass-lovin-fool says:

        it’s all love here… but as crazy as it sounds, this story is 100% true. No reason to lie. As soon as i saw that post of the woman with the horse, it’s the first thing that popped in my mind.

        Again, it’s all love, but, in case you don’t believe me, look up some of those creepy ass vids of horses. their dicks move, similar to an arm. I was raised in a farm area so i know some animals dicks move like that. They not like us. Soem animals (because of their shape, I suppose) have to guide their penises into the females.

        The horse didn’t grab here leg like a fist, it grabbed her like you would “hook” someones arm with your arm, (kinda like when people square dance and get to the “swing your partner round-and-round” part.)

        Anyway, it was at Brookflied Zoo, right in the suburbs, about 15 minutes outside of Chicago. I didn’t add my wife was on her period. As we’ve shared the story over the years we’ve been told that had something to do with how the horse reacted. The Clydesdale fence area is in the petting zoo area, right as you come out of the little red and white barn with the baby chicks and cows inside. The horse was tan colored. For those who need to know, his dick was black and white. Also… he was not circumcised! LOL!

        Oh, and the girl I was with at the time, she’s my wife! As I said we had been dating for about 3 months at the time. We have 4 kids now. We both share the same birthday. We were both 26 years old at the time.

        Again, it’s all love. If I heard it and didn’t know who was telling it, I would probably call BS on it. but this story is 100% true.

    • juice says: