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  1. nate says:

    damn RFM, you was quick as hell getting those three victoria cakes scenes!! appreciate ya!!

  2. 33 Savage says:

    not sure what to make of this bish. Fake everything and a bucket face but she know what she doing.

  3. fam says:

    Alright, this shit is getting ridiculous.

  4. z8g says:

    I swear I know real women built like this. Even chopped a few. But damn. Hardly ever get those Amazons in porn. Lol.

  5. z8g says:

    Also, What happened to Coco Banks. I was looking forward to seeing her piped regularly. Disappointing.

  6. Ranks says:

    Thanks for the drop, any more phatness on deck

  7. BLOVA says:

    You should make a new site… fakeoholics.cc and upload this shit there. Just an idea… expand the business. 😀

  8. She legit made Chris Strokes look like a little man. As many chicks I’ve seen him make tap out, she victory lapped him. Sheesh. Pinky got her an all star lineup of stunt men though. How much longer can her site even last?

  9. Sac says:

    If I say Beetlejuice 3 times, he appears, but if I say “eeehyouuuu” 6 times can this disappear out of all my cortexes?!!

  10. Sealortay says:

    The reason why shes diffrent from the other fake girl is she actually gets dicked down. Thats why. Other chicks may be more reasonable on the fakeness but there performances dont be as good as VC.

    • nate says:

      IMO, victoria cakes website has the potential to overtake pinkyxxx website as long as victoria cakes keeps getting dicked down!! victoria cakes website is off to a great start !

      • Overtake Pinky?… hmmmmm, I don’t know about that… I guess if Pinky just quits all together, yeah… But, if Pinky is on some competitive shit… I can’t see how anyone targeting the same demographic could actually fuck with her… especially, with the way Pinky be pulling these chicks outta no where… She seems to be have an endless amount of resources… She just doesn’t seem to be very concerned with porn, at this point in her life… almost seems like a hobby for her now.

  11. nate says:

    i believe just in content and scenes alone if victoria cakes keeps going as she been on her website she maybe can overtake pinkyxxx content and scenes!! Pinky, IMO is more of a director/behind the scenes person now and she is not getting dicked down as much

  12. BGBLK says:

    What an Amazon.
    Pinkyxx better get Iscreamcandy she got a DVD out.