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  1. nate says:

    assoholics, how do you all feel about her??

  2. Don says:

    uhhh that face man….

  3. RJ says:

    Can we get some content from Strippers In The Hood?

  4. noss says:

    Any chance you can upload from this site?

  5. Wowza says:

    She not really firm in the back which kinda has me ?ing if I like it at all

    • Yeah… it’s kinda weird… like, it’s not that big… not that full… not firm… it’s jiggly… It’s ALOT better than nothing… I’m glad she’s doing porn… But….

      I just don’t know.

  6. Cavaleer says:

    Her hands and face look like she used to bodybuild….

  7. pawg lover says:

    Not bad, but not an AP girl for me.

  8. slimjimpencil says:

    a butterface for sure, but she’s still VERY VERY SEXY. love the phat jiggly ass and how it contrasts her strong masculine upper body, shoulder, face and arms. She has that Sara Jay appeal (ugly but SUPER HOT) just without the tits (in this scene, she got implants since)

    • Yeah, I wanted to see more of her… wasn’t blown away, by her … But, was definitely interested in see her make the necessary Big Wet Butts, Monster Curves, Ass Masterpiece rounds… To see who shoots her the best…

      • Toby says:

        The irony is she got her implants sometime in around April-May 2017 but has only shot ONE scene since getting them and very few “amateur site” scenes if any. Goes to show that implants dont guarantee you success. She was better off staying natural.

        BEFORE Implants:
        *Underwater scene
        *Reality Kings scene
        *Bangbros scene (this one)
        *Pornpros scene (lost archives, meaning not available anywhere online)
        *Made cameo in a Kelsi Monroe & Ramon Nomar Digital Playground scene
        + Did a few scenes for “niche porn” websites like
        – ClubDom (at least 4)
        – Black Patrol (at least 2)
        + Did quite a bunch of scenes for “amateur site porn” like ManyVids especially with Johnny Tattoo (at least 5)
        IN TOTAL, at least 15 appearances on camera (for scenes not on her own site) between summer 2015 & early 2017

        AFTER Implants:
        *True Amateur scene
        IN TOTAL, ONE appearance on camera between summer 2017 and summer 2018.

        That kind of drop off in work rate is staggering given that she’s still active. It probably doesnt help that she lives all the way in Miami when most porn is produced in LA or Las Vegas but part of it has to be attributed to her own lack of gumption. She has close friends like Lexi Luna and Lexy Bandera who are both in the biz having being only cam models prior and both of them have more than 10+ scenes with top porn companies in less time than Charley has been in the business so they’re clearly doing something right.

  9. SquiggleMiller says:

    Whatever happened to her? Bizarre that in almost three years of being in the biz, she has less than 5 scenes and isnt retired. You’d think with such a phat ass that she’d have gotten a ton of interracial work. I see that she’s still on camsoda etc. and a LOT of the girls who came through the camsoda house have used it to propel them into mainstream porn and they eventually left the house to live in LA and shoot scenes. Granted, she is a bit older (obviously in her mid 30s) so her appeal probably falls in the middle of “not really being a MILF” but yet very obviously “not a teen or a upcoming girl in her early 20s”. She probably shot herself in the foot getting implants because she now looks like every other big ass big fake titted bimbo but without the looks to propel her into Nicolette Shea, Victoria June bombshell status. At least if she kept her natural A/AA cups, she’d be in the leagues of Kelsi Monroe and Jada Stevens, women who keep their body all natural and actually thrived with their small tits since they had big butts.

    The fact that she kinda looks like a Tranny probably did her in too but if she was smart she would have maybe started out in Shemale porn and then worked her way into the mainstream. Instead, it looks like she’ll be living in the camsoda house forever lol, watching woman after woman leave her behind while they find stardom. It’s almost like watching a remedial kid who has to keep repeating the same grade while their much younger peers catch up and pass them by. Shame really, given that despite her lack of beauty, she still had sex appeal and could have made it big. At this rate I’d be surprised if she even made it to 10 official scenes.