Alycia Starr (Oral Queens)

Posted: 22nd January 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, DAMN, IR, latin fire, PHAT ASSES, pov
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thanks @shogun86, i appreciate it!

1080 / 540

rapidgator / keep2share

  1. brodie says:

    the anticipation is real for this scene lol

    • They are on some FOUL shit though… people probably purchase memberships early November and their shit is already done and they STILL didn’t release it…

      Thats fucked up.

    • Side note… I think the scene is gonna be kinda basic… I mean, it’s ONLY oral… I don’t even get the hoopla …

      I just saw alot of pending comments asking for it… So, I went to get it & was like ???? WTF??

      I mean, even Industry Invaders can get a little funny… But, they aren’t gonna have you waste ya money & ignore you…

      This OralQueens site is CRAZY foul…

  2. Lmfaoo the guy who runs the site has quite a history. Had a run as a pretty dope urban model photog, content started not showing up…..not surprised. I’m actually surprised he’s kept it open this long, don’t know how people willingly fork over bread for mic checking…..#hellnah

  3. MikeSwizz says:

    Thanks for the heads up (pun intended) but damn that’s not right for them to get over on people like that.

  4. KING says:

    Man I almost copped to check it out since it was only $5.. Glad I got that burger instead ??

  5. That dude says:

    is the scene up now. I snen it posted somewhere else

  6. SK says:

    I prefer my pawgs but this chick is sexy as a mf i hope she starts making scenes on the reg

  7. Candidbootys says: is now livr bro its the original owner of candidbootys can you feature a link for me bro

  8. nate says:

    RFM, you have any new ryan conner scenes on deck!!?? has she been MIA for a few months??