1. JL says:

    Julie done Lost some weight. Lookin damn good.

  2. ohhhh says:

    hey RFM, don’t you have more videos from Spicy J, to share bro ???

  3. ohhhh says:

    i mean new ones…

  4. nos says:

    Please upload that Angelina Castro and Virgo Peridot “Ice Cream and Chocolate Treat” scene!

    and new month new Chocolate Models!

  5. nate says:

    for some reason i always thought richelle ryan and kelly divine are somewhat kin to each other and i still do today! But i wanna know who was the third chick in this scene?!

    • JoDoe says:

      Richelle and Kelly both have similar builds but Kelly has a more moveable ass. What really makes them look alike is that horse face. Both chicks have a that long ass kind of flat looking face.

  6. assoholics fan says:

    I would’ve preferred if this scene was just the guy and Julie Cash, not that into the whore with paint on her ass.

  7. RicoTheGreat190 says:

    Richelle Ryan’s ass is fake asf but i would still hit even tho she look like Dory