1. candidbootys says:

    New shakira video up on the site if you want to share or maybe one of the candids.

  2. Michael says:

    Bron Bron. He almost blew it but at least he drove to the basket at the end of reg this time. Can’t make em all but he made the right move. They came though in OT. We got a series.

    • I agree 100% … I was SICK he didn’t get that last foul call, OR that jump ball bullshit… that shit was crazy.

      • rASTA says:

        uh -oh basketball time again?!!? time for a new fix

      • DaSilverSurfer says:

        Fellas, I think I called it in my last post regarding the Cavs with Life without Kyrie. Triple double Lebron, JR stepped up, Delly stepped up and others chipped in. Cavs showed alor of grit last night.

        One Warrior takeaway for me that begs stating. As great as Curry is as a shooter…he takes waaaaaaayyyyyy too many 3’s 2 for 15 REALLY STEF 2 FOR 15 with only 5 assists. You have to find a way to affect the game when your jumper isn’t falling when you are the MVP and jacking 3’s when you know the shot is off is bad basketball. When you shoot 90% from the line you have to find a way to get there more like Klay Thompson was. Stef has to make better decisions or this can go bad for them REAL QUICK. My 2 cents and you can keep the change.

        • As usual, hitting the nail RIGHT on the head…

          Only thing I disagree with is “JR stepped up”… I KNOW what you mean… but, some of the BONEHEAD ass fouls he caused towards the critical period of the game damn near cost them the game…

    • Nino Brown says:

      lol almost blew it. He got the shit hacked out of him on 3 separate plays, as blatant as can be, and the refs didn’t even blink. I’m the furthest thing from a Cavs fan, but I can’t recall the last time I seen such terrible non calls, especially in a high profile game, on the biggest player IN the game. Ya man pulled on his shoulder during the jump ball lol! Un-fucking-believable. If Cleveland lost that game, we would never have heard the end of it. Realistically though, the Cavs could easily have been up 2-0 right now.

      But in a side note, I would have Klara Gold’s babies.

      • I Know right!? … Bron’s face said it ALL when he was lookin’ at his own arm & said “Oh My God?” … I never seen ANYTHING like it…. ESPECIALLY happening to a superstar in the finals…

  3. candidbootys says:

    Fixing the link to the new shakira video right now.. I added a new video last night but made an error with the coding fixing it now..

  4. freedyx says:

    Another french thickness?! (link)