• she looks EXTRA basic to me… what’s the hype??

      • babowsk1 says:

        I think it is aleisha adams! i agree with jinx if we are talking about the same person! that chick’s pussy gets really wet! please do if you can in the next wave!

      • Booty Brigade says:

        @RFM Oddly enough, I’ma have to cosign on the prospect of getting that Aleshia Adams/SITH scene.

        I know, I know: you like “This dude cracking animation jokes on Lela Starr, but he gonna request some extra basic shit like Aleshia Adams?” I can’t even call it. But sometimes I be liking some of those plain Jane bishes, much more so than these Play-Doh hoes.

  1. Booty Brigade says:

    Yo, she is literally on some cartoon shit now #SMH

  2. blazeem says:

    you got that new pinky xxx with lethal lips back on it ????!!!!!!

  3. trae says:

    Bruh lethal lipps back and she still thick in her prime

  4. Fab says:

    They say it’s fake but I STILL like it.

  5. DaSilverSurfer says:

    Yeah Booty Brigade she’s on the way to looking like that piece of plastic porn/circus star Amy Anderssen. She’s doing waaaaayyyyy 2 much lol

  6. Foe says:

    A ffm are u familiar with the big butt all stars series from. Evasiveangels just wondering if u could post(roxy or luscious or darlene

  7. Foe says:

    One more question do u get the pi sets to these movies is there a site like this dedicated to just picsets

  8. Michaelthemac says:

    I love her new body and she needs to take some bbc up that ass. And she be looking like Kim K from some certain views foreal lol

  9. Mr.30mins says:

    Her ass no doubt weighs more than my whole body

  10. Nino Brown says:

    I shouldn’t even be sayin this but I would fuck the air outta Lela’s fake ass. Just looks like it would be fun as a bounce house at 5 years old.

  11. Point Guard says:

    Hey RFM hopefully you can get the last remaining scene of Up My Booty which is Brittany Shae. And also Lola Foxx – Babysit My Ass….both of which are on Evilangel. And as always, thanks.

  12. Piky87 says:

    oh please, she looks nasty, she was way better without all that plastic

  13. IHFS says:

    fake shit makes me sick… too cartoonish.

  14. Soulja says:

    Lethal Lipps has a new scene on Pinky’s site, hope you grab that for us 😉

  15. prezhall says:

    i LOVE this chick!!! yea she is kinda cartoonish now….but closest pornstar to Kim K. i bet it be fun as hell smashin this chick.

    good look RFM!

  16. Foe says:

    Damn my bad I don’t think I said any thing foul

  17. Qp848 says:

    Niggas always say shit like I hate this and hate that but know damn while if the chick was in front of them and wanted to fuck they would FUCK wtf ok her ass fake its looks AMAZING I would fuck that shit until she had to get a whole new fake ass lmaoooooo…….ps pleaseeeeee Kakey and jazzie they puttin out vids on the low the ppl need them lmao and Brianna bliss Godzilla scene pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee head game stupid

  18. Qp848 says:

    Check kakey and jazzie Twitter for the info

  19. Radric Davis says:

    i wanna see 4some scene with Her/Amy anderseen & Bella Bellz !! battle of the fake azz’s

  20. prezhall says:

    y can’t these niggas film with a regular lense?!? am i the only one who hates the fisheye bullshit?

  21. Mr. Bojangles says:

    I’m wit Qp848 need that Jazzie Que and Kakey on deck

  22. Tmef5 says:

    The most visually appealing fake ass in the biz

  23. BKB 25 says:

    Yeay Stang some new Kakey would be CLUTCH

  24. DuragWhisperer says:

    Damn this bitch nose looks weird ! She better chill with the plastic surgery before her nose becomes detachable like mr. potato head.