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Legendary big booty porn star Kelli Staxxx has retired and is on to bigger an better things. But, what does a sexy lady do when that phone call from an old friend comes in? Well, it looks like Kelli felt that old naughty feeling. Check out how hot retirement can be

  1. Camron301 says:

    Another nursing school student now lls, still can find her on Eros if you’re in the MD area.

    • ASAP YAM$ says:

      Lmfaoooooo now she a medical student?? Bruuuh you can legit find interviews of this broad flexing and talking about money… smh porn bitches like her need to stop the corny shit and just get back to doing proper scenes smh

  2. kushafterdark says:

    Retirement parties always so brief in this game. Sugar Daddy loss is more like it

  3. Sonny says:

    Hm. Looks like she removed the retarded silicone out of her ass. No idea why she got her ass done when it was already dumb phat. Just like another dumb thot deelishis. Big booty women getting ass shots. smh.

  4. bussdown says:

    Alexis got new freakmobmedia video and valentina jewels n JulzGottiXXX got new foursome scene on hussie

  5. nate says:

    RFM, thanks for everything bro!

  6. RCVY says:

    Is anyone subscribed Stassi Rossi’s Onlyfans? She also has 1 or 2 b/g videos on there. They must be fire with her body ??