PinkyXXX: Rico Strong & Nautica

Posted: 25th October 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, black booty, DAMN, oiled asses/tits, PHAT ASSES
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  1. This is the same feeling Bulls fans had when Jordan came back and looked like prime Jordan.

  2. RicoDaKid says:

    Legend right there! One of the first flicks I ever saw she was in it! Body still banging

  3. nate says:

    this gonna be a classic!!

  4. DaSilverSurfer says:

    WOW!!! Talk about your blasts from the past. What strip club did Pinky find her holed up in. She always had some serious a$$ and thigh game going on, good to see she didn’t lose it.

    Maaan Rico see more meat than a butcher shop these days. Salute to him and his lower back lololol.

  5. z8g says:

    Got dayum. Nautica will always be a GOAT. It is like that body doesn’t age. And she hadn’t fucked it up with tats or injections or tons of surgery. Hope I didn’t jinx it. lol

  6. GoTime says:

    Geesh…this a little too much ass for me if you know what I mean

  7. demar says:

    that ass aint too much…those buns look just right but she can take them jake the snake ass boots off tho lol

  8. Ranks says:

    There is another scene with the 2of them, she’s holding on to a stripper pole for dear life, lol,

  9. Chillwill1 says:

    Man oh man Pinky has done it again. Pulling one of the Goats Nautica of the bench. I still remember her from All Dat Azz 5. It’s crazy how she still looks that good after all them years.

  10. ASAP YAM$ says:

    Makes me sad she never did a 40oz bounce scene :'((.. but s/o to pinky keeping black porn alive! Btw yall seen jenna foxx finally got piped by a brother??!

  11. FUNK45 says:

    Praise God. Lazarus has risen!!!! RFM thanks for the heat. Nautica this chick right here. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN to the millionth power.

  12. louisbreak says:

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