rapidgator / keep2share

  1. demar says:

    gawd she know she got a phat ass..that arch is ridiculous

  2. AfterScience says:

    Thanks for the new wave…..any way you could reup some old ms. yummy vids for k2s??

  3. Black Gold says:

    Great to see bigbuttlatinass again bro! Can we get a re up of that Rita Camacho?

  4. ELVER GALARGA says:

    more bigbuttlatinass..

  5. ancisissi says:


  6. danito says:

    yo guys how can i download this video for free

  7. FlimFlam says:

    So help me understand somethin’ fam … I see up re-upping stuff all over the place, but u hella bent on not re-upping Irma’s stuff. Why? Youd really prefer that I and other people on here get it on the real site, not pay you, rather than us paying for a rapidgator account … and paying you in the process?! Fuh reelzeez, dawg?! lol I get you said people aren’t quick enough to download the scenes once you reupped them other times, but everything on the net usually stays forever. Pulling footage out of the internet aint exactly what people z used 2. Why are you blaming peeps for some business we aint got no control over??

    • I’m blaming you for what??…. I just tell people once you become a regular, around here… to make sure you check in at least once a day, IF you want to make sure you can get everything… Some of these links get killed in 24 hours… I do reups.. But, I’m not always gonna just reup shit at dudes request…. Sometimes, I just keep it moving… One to the next… and then I circle back for a reup wave.

      But, if there is something that you just absolutely HAVE to have immediately … ain’t nothing wrong with supporting the sites that generate the material…

  8. Kamper says:

    Hey danito….if you get a membership you can download any vid you like on here for free. That’s all it takes man….sites like “assoholics” give you so much content for so little $! I hope you don’t fail to see the logic in that

    • Breeze says:

      By membership you mean with RapidGator or Keep2Share?…If so how does it work and which one is best? Thanks!

    • Breeze says:

      By membership you mean with RapidGator or Keeep2Share?…If so how does it work and which one is the best? Thanks!

  9. Niko says:

    I agree with Elver, more bblass and mla please!!
    It’s epic!!

  10. zabryel says:

    Muriel Fox grueso asno tolete..!!
    Carolina Guerrero la famosa booty latina..!!
    Rita Camacho filetote moreno..!!
    Iris Monterrey la impresionate mega Curvy..!!
    Samantha Velasco, madura arrecha.
    Karina valdiviezo, Toda una experta…!
    From bigbuttlatinass.com

  11. FlimFlam says:

    On a post you said, “Some of yall have to realize that the site owners to these sites squat on THIS site and pull the content down…

    They are on here everyday…. while some of yall be bullshitin’ …”. I know I ain’t bullshittin, so I didn’t take it as a blame but that sounded like you were venting. I didn’t take it wrong, I still come to the site, but it didn’t sound positive homedawg, that’s all I’m saying.

    • I can understand that perspective… & I apologize for that.

      I didn’t intend it to be that way… Only because, at the end of day this is only porn… So, when I say some of y’all be bullshitin’ … I’m saying it to imply that it ain’t real hard to type in “assoholics.cc” scroll down the page in 10 seconds and then go about ya day… (IF you happen to be someone that takes this porn shit serious and HAVE to have what it is that you want).

      But, if it ain’t that serious… check in on the site here & there… just know that some of what you might want… MIGHT not be available…

  12. Smitty says:

    Smitty back innhere. RFM you need to siterio Vanessa Smiles XXX she got a crazy body, and the scenes are so good.

  13. FlimFlam says:

    Class act as usual, no worries playboy. Now that I know how fast the bblass dude is, I’ll be on da gank the second I see it.