rapidgator / keep2share

  1. ricky says:

    did they ever fix that threesome scene with snicka getting anal with brown sugar?

  2. prezhall says:

    that first gif!!

  3. Son Goku says:

    Thanks for this homie, I was just about to get a premium so I could get those two scenes, well these 2 and the new scene with Beauty Dior, now that scene looks like straight fire. I’m surprised you didn’t grab that one. Like I said on this one blog where we were discussing strap on scenes. I’m mad that Chicago and this light skin chick know how to bang women better than most men in the industry. Most of these fools bang women like they are afraid of the pussy. It’s like dude, grab her hair, shoulders, breasts etc etc and tear her ass up. Derp, de, derp, that’s what most women are dying for men to do to them in bed.

  4. ReelHeel says:

    Could you get their scene called ‘return of the super booty’?

  5. AbstractGuy95 says:

    Everytime i click to download the keep2share link it times out…

  6. thekiddilly says:

    my boi good looking thanks

    • 😉 – You know what’s crazy… I had a premium pass to this site for like 3 weeks now, and forgot to post anything from this site…

      So, I’m glad you gave me the heads up on it…

  7. thekiddilly says:

    i got starr on snapchat she be hitting dudes for 5000 for a night plus hotel and flight

  8. thekiddilly says:

    yea man and she aint shy about saying the shit so she killing someones pockets for sure now i know why she hasn’t shot for evilangel they aint paying that

  9. jack says:

    Are you going to let us get the scene in the first top gif?

    It’s not in the download link. Thank for the other scene btw.

  10. jack says:

    Nvm! I see it! I didn’t click on the other vid. thought it was another upscale. Thanks man!

  11. Lex says:

    Yo RFM, check out missjalisaelite.com, if you like what you see hit me up for some sauce. Finally contributing.

  12. abstractguy95 says:

    Damn I tried 3 different browsers and still nothing…

  13. BBWL says:

    Split them, RFM
    Downloading Alycia Starr’s. Yes, Yes, Yes
    the other girl No, No, No 😉

  14. Kushafterdark says:

    Alycia industry number is low, y’all got the game backwards. You can see who she’s worked for and know better. Cherokee pinky devils film and independents like Oral Queens. She gave a nice quote well below that 5k for some work. Her industry options aren’t that crazy. Plumperpass and Score ain’t even gonna pay her above #jersey

    • Camron301 says:

      100%, plus she only escorts in specific cities where she’s gonna make money because she has repeat clients. Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Denver & LA are repeat stops for her…i don’t even think she’s been to the east coast in well over a year. I doubt she’ll make it to NJ in November for the exxxotica convention, they’ll be a LOT of stars there that will be “available”!

      *check Eros.com the first weekend in November for proof*

  15. Blade says:

    Crazy know the light skin skinny girl fucked her when we was kids good ass head she came along way her name ariel robinson on fb look her up if the price right she will fuck she bout her money now

  16. Niko says:

    Thanks for this bro, Alycia is always Instant DL