MsRoundCake POV

Posted: 24th July 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, bubble butts, DAMN, latin fire, PHAT ASSES, pov
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  1. Thanks for the FREE promo you think stealing my content and posting it is hurting me when in fact every time you do it my subscriber count spikes up so shout outs to you for stealing our shit your a good man! They just deleted out IG page at 190k for the second time so we needed the promo

    • I got you fam… I’m here for you 😉 That’s why I do what I do… I’ve seen quite a few, small nothing ass sites, increase dramatically after I showed em love… Your site, Big Booty Latinass sites, some of these connectpal chicks, etc, etc… Everyone wins… My Assoholics get to see if you actually have something they might want to purchase… & You get exposure to ya lil’ site …

      OK… So, now that we are BOTH finished being passively aggressive … Let’s be real… If you’re happy with the numbers your site is putting up… Stop coming on here crying – ’cause, I’m getting tired of deleting ALL of your messages… Just get ya money, keep grinding… & get Girly to put in some REAL work… I’m rooting for you. 😉

      • Foxx says:

        Nyggu is WORSE than SeductressHoney lmao!

        @msroundcake: Nyggu let us holla at the real msroundcake and stop trolling websites with a female handle BOI!

  2. Your a fagot niggaz like you wont survive a day in the hood I’m npt reading your response.. fagots like you snitch ass bitch niggaz addicted the porn vs making money off of it.. get a life.. you a snake we were cool but your a snake

    • Listen to this guy… (she / he) doesn’t sound very happy… lol!!

      Just keep making them 10s of thousands of dollars… you’ll be aiight! 😉

      • Will says:

        Damn dude…if you making money, what’s the problem? And if you not, get yo weight up on that site and maybe your fortunes will change. Stop using that fish bowl lens and get that chick naked…lol!

        Based off these last comments that RFM let through, looks like you’ll be closed down by the end of year!!

  3. Yall fagots cant fuck a ass like her you gotta steal videos while i smash and makes 10s of thousands a month I win fagot

    • Foxx says:

      He LITERALLY makes money every time nyggus in their feelings come to his BOMB-ASS website to BITCH & MOAN about some funky ass lil 2 minute videos…


      I actually considered a membership to because I really really like the model… but this dude need to TAKE OFF THE SUNDRESS & FLIP-FLOPS and STOP HANDCUFFING these 2 minute videos…

      You’re hurting your OWN BRAND!…

  4. King James says:

    That dude should check his site first. He promotes content with ms round cakes, but he posts more posts of one average fat girl on the same website which should contain only ms round cakes videos.
    He posts like 1 video every week on average and expects people to pay 20-25 bucks every month. Let’s assume I had a membership in the month June and renewed in the month July. Do you know how many msroundcakes vids I will get? Mothafucking 1 only, which is 2:18 long. Just check the website.
    Besides that, the content is also boring. Ms round cakes has a legenday ass, respect for that. But it’s all the same shit over and over, at some point it’s useless. Maybe she is not willing to do xxx which I understand, but get her in a thong, do some ass spanking or try different kinda outfits and do some more shoots. It’s unrespectfull to blame this dude while whe whole set-up of your website is crap….