rapidgator / keep2share

  1. Gio says:

    She needs to get dicked down on camera asap

  2. assoholics fan says:

    Let me guess another whore that will stick to softcore shit and avoid getting dicked

    • Txspy says:

      Softcore pays more if you play it right and you get to keep your “dignity” since you’re not a full blown pornstar.

      She is def top 3 pawgs, maybe number 1 when it comes to the face/entire package.

      Kinda of chick that can easily get a baller or a billionaire simp or whatever.

      Shit is endless when you’re more a video vixen then a full blown pornstar.

      • Definitely true… like you said, IF you play your cards right… and if the money never slows down, you can ride that lane into more money…

        I usually wish people the best & success… But, in her case… (I HATE saying this, lol!) I kinda hope she fails & only has porn to resort to… lol! I’m joking, but serious as shit! 😉 -jk (i think)

        • Yagami says:

          When will you post the vids of Jada Gemz & Strella Kat chocolatemodels? I’m always here.

        • Txspy says:

          I think the closet thing we will get is a sex tape from an ex love, like the YesJulz chicks. These kind of white chicks can stay getting money without ever having to do anything serious.

          What would you rate her on the pawg scale? Just for whole package

  3. leblanc says:

    She is too fine. No condom…. She needs to shoot for chocolatemodels.

  4. ahmagawd says:

    UNREAL!!!! <3

  5. Leandro Passos says:

    DAMN!!! Is she for real!!! She really must be dicked, man!!!

  6. Bootywarier says:

    Oh shit i follow her on IG. She has some good vids on there too.i knlw she also had a vid on some site but forgot the name of it

  7. Booty Brigade says:

    Damn, y’all know Booty B ain’t about no scene without some hardcore smashing. But this bish so fyne, I just had to up and do it for the culture, mane

  8. dope202 says:

    Maybe one of these days she’ll out of nowhere get on BSL and dildo herself till no tomorrow like Jhonni Blaze did. *fingers crossed*

  9. Chuck says:

    Hello, could you re-up mmg videos? I bought a RG account to download them all. Thanks