Pawg Paige Porcelain

Posted: 30th June 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, bubble butts, DAMN, PHAT ASSES, super pawg
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  1. blakmagik says:

    Thanks for posting more of her! Is any of this from her patreon? Or is this just a compilation of youtube stuff? Really hoping someone offers up a custom vid!!!

    • I was trying to wait for her Patron to get built up a bit… Last time I had it… Shit was SUPER wack.

      • blakmagik says:

        I hear you man, appreciate your efforts all the same. Her popularity has been growing exponentially, you’d think she’d get her shit together and start posting some good quality stuff to her Patreon. I checked it out and the tiers go up to $150…shit for that much she better be posting 60 minute long 4K vids!!!

  2. BGBLK says:

    .Posted on the wrong page alot of people on @nonib and [email protected] keep talking about customs dunno if anyone is going to post?
    Worth checking out patreon stuff might be on there

    • blakmagik says:

      I check [email protected] daily and although there is lots of discussion (Paige herself chimes in alot there too), nobody has posted anything, nor am I sure that anyone ever will since Paige obviously chimes in on those pages. But you never know! Sooner or later one of those custom vids has to surface!!

  3. SK says:

    It’s common sense why no one will post a custom because she will know exactly who leaked the shit and she will start spazzing about it. For instance in my custom she is moaning my government name while bent over on the bed how fucking stupid would I be to post that here?? Her customs are only 10-20$ not bad at all, I’d rather do that than the patreon shit. I think we all gotta stop supporting that patreon shit bitches are getting away with murder through that garbage Crystal Mcbootay is the worse well I lie she is tied with anaisnym for the worst patreons in my opinion.
    P.S. I will have a new wave soon

    • blakmagik says:

      You’re absolutely right, and at this point that’s probably why nothing has really surfaced. However, sooner or later, something will surface because let’s face it, you can’t keep anything off the internet forever. All it takes is one person to share with one other person, then they share with one other person, etc. And sooner or later someone who bought a video will say “IDGAF, I paid you, it’s mine now and I can do whatever the hell I want with it, piss and moan all you like.” And you’re also right, Patreon is bullshit. Would have been way better if she did Connectpal, Clips4sale, Manyvids, something along those lines. But Patreon is retarded and people expect for others to “sponsor” their lives with absolutely no guarantee of any good ROI!! But with as popular as Paige is becoming, as I said, it’s only a matter of time before more makes it way online. It is inevitable.

  4. BGBLK says:

    Could be the reason why alot people want Paige to make a Manyvids page.
    She would make more money any way with a c4s or manyvids page.

  5. SK says:

    Honestly the thing that sucks is I think paige will start doing the anja dee great shit and just start modeling no twerk videos or anything watch some captain save a hoe ass sponsored photographer convinces her to just model and do rap music video features and she will stop what she is doing right away if the money is right. I pray she does a manyvids some day c4s is kind of dead to me I mainly get shit from manyvids these days. The problem is all these girls want to be the next London Andrews because they see she makes a good living off of her patreon so they all ran to patreon to try to nickel and dime their fans while giving us half ass service. If I’m paying 30 a month bitch you need to be shaking that ass 4 days a week and not these short ass clips either. Shit just getting rough in the adult entertainment world as a whole everyone wanna get quick fame and then stop doing what made them famous in the first place, my advice to all my assoholic bros is lock down a real woman in real life that enjoys sex as much as you do because these famous broads,strippers,backpage bitches, porn stars,instagram thots are all getting lazy and trying to get in our pockets while serving us poor content. #beselective

    • lock down a real woman in real life that enjoys sex as much as you


    • blakmagik says:

      AMEN brother. I really hope she doesn’t go that route, but you are speaking the truth with all these “insta-famous” chicks suddenly thinking they are hot shit and wanting to nickel and dime any supporters. Someone like London Andrews is a fluke situation, and now the market is flooded with countless London wannabes or who thinks they will have that kind of support and income. And even someone like London Andrews has a finite time frame and the clock is ticking, because there is ALWAYS somebody else just around the corner who people will think is hotter, etc. These chicks think this is like a one way ticket to retirement and totally forget that they have even LESS than 15 minutes of fame because the selection of online ladies is constantly changing and never ending. If they make ANY money from this stuff I would pray they save it as fast as they can because people will get bored and want someone new in a heartbeat. But that’s the Instagram world for you nowadays, EVERYONE is “famous” and a “model”, it’s a total joke and is about as fleeting a career as you could possibly imagine. They all better have some sort of skill to fall back on when people lose interest, and in today’s day and age the attention span of folks can be measured in nanoseconds! Plus, as you said, if you are going to be charging that kind of money you better provide significant content! Nobody is going to continue and pay to support your stupid Patreon when they get little to nothing in return, I don’t care how hot you are!! There is SO much out there for people to choose from that you better try extremely hard to keep their interest and attention, and even when you do, you better know that that time won’t last forever! The internet has created an unrealistic fantasy world for women and they think they are all going to be millionaire’s because a bunch of idiots on Instagram tell them they are hot. Like I said, when their 15 minutes are up it’s going to be a serious reality check and most will end up having to find a REAL job like everyone else.

  6. J.B. says:

    RealFastMustang – Whats with the premium only downloads for rapidgator and keep2share? I’m not trying to pay for this shit bro…

  7. MR says:

    can you re-up this for rapidgator

  8. Marcos says:

    This video is offline how can he get back again please?