rapidgator / keep2share

  1. Gio says:

    Yo Stang would you consider taking a trip down there? Man it looks like these type of woman grow on trees over there. Pipe me down a couple

    • I would definitely consider it… Even though, I’m NOT 100% sure where dude is finding these chicks at…

      I was supposed to be taking a Trip sometime in the near future to Rio, with my boys… Hopefully, we can make it work…

      • JustJioned says:

        The guy speaks writes in Spanish… so I’m assuming he is not from Brazil… I’m actually down to look where these chicks are based at. I hope your down to figure that out with me

  2. Roundass6789 says:

    Thanks but is it save to go to S america alone.?

  3. JustJioned says:

    And also take into account that this dude is probably lying by saying “he picks them up on the street”… these chicks are probably escorts.. and this dude probably has tons of money.