ass was lookin’ JUST like the instagram vids, in this one.


bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-17.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-16.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-14.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-13.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-12.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-10.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-8.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-3.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-2.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-1.jpg bien_loquita_graciebon_mi_amor_1-20.jpg

  1. Downs says:

    They’re always clowning her on social media while i’m over here downloading every scene she gots lol

  2. OldSoul04 says:


  3. ricodakid says:

    That ass needs to shot by plumper pass or somebody professional! That’s a wish of mine

  4. Mr. Nice Guy says:


  5. z8g says:

    True thanks as always RFM. She is clowing herself or putting herself in positions to be clowned more these days smart marketing. I also see she has added a bit more up top and bottom. (Or she is gaining back much of her weight. Don’t get it twisted though, she still heavily edits her socials lol. Also, she purchased a pvt jet? Because that’s the only way she can fly comfortable. LMAO. Okay, sure.