1. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Ion think I’m responsible for this one my guy

  2. JB says:

    She looks completely different now but at least she kept the phatty, fine with me.

    • I’m still rollin’ with BBW Mazzaratie, over this version… But, yeah… Good for her that her ass to body ratio doesn’t change all that much.

      • Mr Tyler says:

        BBW without a doubt!!!! Honestly I think she looks terrible now. Some people look good big, some people look good slim, she looks AWFUL slim! She looks sickly/not healthy at all, and her appearance has totally changed. And the Justin Bieber haircut didn’t do her any favors either. And for those saying “she’s still got ass”, go back and look at clips from a year or two ago, it is like HALF the size of what it was. Absolutely nothing about her look now is in improvement. She needs to gain 100lbs easy!