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more pear pressure here!

Leoni simply gets FUCKED from beginning to end. She gets prepped with a huge monster dong that’s almost too much for her pretty tight pussy. She creams on that log as it stretches her walls to spec limits. Then she gets pounded relentlessly till her eyes roll back. She gets pounded sweaty, butt cheeks flapping and jiggling like a bowl of jello. She’s getting fucked so hard the condom busts near the end (baby oil and condoms don’t mix folks) and of course I fuck her raw for a whole minute before I stop rolling. I’m an asshole for that lol (you’ve done it too motherfucker don’t lie)…

Leoni returns and she has only gotten thicker, phatter and hornier since last time. This sexy milf is coming off an extensive cock drought, and this time she’s going on a journey in to the dicked down depths of ecstasy. After a dick swelling posing session, she promptly loses her panties and opens her legs for a quick solo stroke. She creams IMMEDIATELY, and after being supplied with her person dildo she is quickly plunged into orgasmic bliss….

  1. heetseeka says:

    nice!! appreciate it

  2. apollo246 says:

    Man RFM, you must be reading my mind. I was on this clips4sale page checking this clip out saying this looks like a winner and hours later you post it, lol

  3. gapeeth says:

    major props

  4. louis says:

    Wow more pear pressure’s scenes more !!!! i like it

  5. X Pac says:

    Pear pressure is lit

  6. X Pac says:

    Pear pressure too litty

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    Can you re-up this one please?

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    I am trying to download but it says file not found.

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