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  1. Son Goku says:

    What’s going on big man, hope all is well. Hey, got another request for you. When or if you get the chance, for us bbw lovers, could you grab that new Bianca Jewelz update at bbwhighway and the update before that one of Big Booty SSBBW Fancii Fantasii sucks big white cock. Thanks in advance if you can.

  2. Son Goku says:

    Thanks man, hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you this. Now I know this is a really big if, if you get the chance I have a membership going on at the phatness. By any chance can we do like we did with blackbbwxxx etc etc live website. If I give you my user and password, could your rip certain vids for me/the fam.

  3. Son Goku says:

    My membership expires on the 14th.

  4. Ras says:

    hey man, here is some stuff from that Czech Massage site
    all the one that looked liked they had a booty.


    especially one
    you’ll see what i mean

    • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean… A couple of these I started to post, because they looked like they had a lil’ bit of work back there… I just hate how they shoot these scenes… It’s kinda hard to REALLY appreciate, when they actually DO have something back there…

  5. son goku hmu says:

    hey we cam work somethin out

  6. Kamikazedude says:

    Please re-up bro… thanks

  7. Ash says:

    have you got the remastered scene?