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  1. Sac says:

    I don’t get it, what do you mean by ‘crest whitestrips’?

  2. pawglover says:

    assoholics, enjoy Kim K’s REAL pics. Today an article on Facebook said that her followers are shocked by the fact she actually has cellulite and find those pics disgusting. Not sure about you, but I’m really turned on by that sight 😀

  3. dani says:

    thx for ur work ! great site
    can you reup bianka jewelz bbwhighway scene please ?

  4. gabriell says:

    Please more scenes of and

  5. I only pray the camera spent as much time on her phat ass as these stills did. All her previous scenes combined didn’t focus on her ass this well. She’s weird online BTW.

  6. That dude says:

    This last wave was for the fatty lovers. not for me . Looking forward to the next drop. PLEASE give us some nice tenderonies. Thanks

  7. Josua says:


    I got something for you 🙂
    Let me know if you need more



    Peace from Amsterdam

  8. Josua says:

    Forget to add this two as well




  9. eazystreet says:

    fuck what that dude is talkin about! the bbw’s is the shit. it aint all about slim women all the time. get some variety in ya life! that last wave was yoga flame! (Dhaslim voice)

  10. Guest says:

    Came across this awesome video however I can’t find a full length one. I know all the guys that love big girls will like this one if you can get it my RealFastMustang.

  11. MrRalph21 says:

    Then need to find her a good bro to put it down, cuz the one scene she did do was only so-so

  12. Niko says:

    A token of my appreciation fam