Super Pawg Betty Returns!

Posted: 26th April 2022 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, bubble butts, PHAT ASSES, pov, super pawg
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  1. MrRalph says:

    Just a heads up, the images are still not showing for any of the posts

  2. AlexGt says:

    WOW!!, What a body!! She needs to do more work!, amazing!, thanks bro!!

  3. ChoppTv says:


  4. z8g says:

    Hey RFM I still can’t see photos/site not loading photos at all. I tried clearing my cache and no luck. Anyone else still having the problem?

  5. Roronoa Zoro says:

    i cant see screenshots 4 the vids

  6. DaSilverSurfer says:

    @RFM Just some info.

    I can’t see any of your images on the pages in either IE or Chrome RFM. I don’t know if its just me, but since you came back from the technical glitch you had, that’s been my situation. I don’t know if its an individual case. Let me know.

  7. prezhall says:

    yoo this sh** is fire homie! i actually paused the damn video to type this comment!

    wow…hadn’t seen a “loose” booty like that in a minute.

  8. That dude says:

    She might be the next inductee into G.O.A.T

  9. DatBooty says:

    Images/Screenshots work fine (as usual) here…using Safari

  10. mrsmoke says:

    just found out her name is betty cage but she has scenes under Cali Haze (former name)

  11. smitty says:

    Im never deleting this video, holy ass!!! UPLOAD THE 4K version!

  12. Wowza says:

    Cleared the cache, but none showing yet…I can ghost click the blank spot to see the pic though if I scroll over where it should show

    What is the Asian girl equivalent to PAWG? PAAG (Phat Ass Asian Girl)? You might need to start a new tag on this one RFM 😉

    Shiori Tsukada is one of the nicest all natural bodied Japanese girl I’ve seen. Slim sick curves …too bad they be censoring things over there.


    BUTT!!!… MISS Fortune takes the crown of the GOAT PAAG. INSANE shape!!!

    • Yeah, I posted that Miss Fortune chick on my FIRST blog… and have reposted that scene on EVERY blog i’ve had, since then…

      Love that THICK ass chick… still not 100% sure what she is… I always assumed, black / asian…

      And yeah… that Shiori Tsukada does have a BANGIN’ ass body….

      • Mack Man says:

        Who is this Miss Fortune that y’all are talking about? Can you post a pic or link to a pic? The only Miss Fortune I can find is a fat broad.

  13. prezhall says:

    Not sure if my last comment went thru…(internet f**d up)-

    But yo!!! this scene has got me back on the search to find all the porn chicks that have ass like the chick in this video. That loose, flabby (sloppy?), type of booty. Almost like there is no muscle in it…..i love that sh*t!!!

    The only chicks I can think of that got it are:

    Ryan Smiles
    Lucky B
    Madison Rose (kinda sorta)
    Gia Paige (kinda sorta)
    Elena Heiress
    Savannah Fox (only when she standing up straight)

    RFM! (or anyone else here) I know you know of some more girls like this…. can you list a few that come to mind?

    • Her’s is kinda abnormal though… because it’s sculpted, like there’s muscle in it… but then, it’s so soft that you see that backshot tidal wave in it… I’m not sure anyone’s ass is quite like hers…

      It’s like empty muscle, or something…

      Lily Sincere’s has alot of mobility to it… but, it’s TOO full to say it’s like Betty’s….

  14. I doubt we see Betty again. Seems like the Ideal Image model house brings them to NVG and Casting Couch and then the girls either leave the industry or wait out their ‘contract’ change their name and keep working. There’s a post on Freeones that literally names almost every girl on these sites and links to who they are now or if they did more work….

  15. BBWL says:

    Betty’s back, i hope Alexa will back too. she’s so damn HOT!!
    BTW, keep the 720p version on in all posts 😀

  16. Mr. 30mins says:

    I just love her thighs, man. Too many chicks with ass got no thigh meat

  17. Dante says:

    Where are the downloads for free? Can you just see paying?

  18. Poor Righteous Leecher says:

    Cot damn, how did I ever miss this one? RFM, requesting a reup if you still have this one, fam.

  19. BSD says:

    Friends –

    Ahhh, Betty Cage, we hardly knew ye. Gone in a flash. One of those porn girls that you remember the first time you saw her. For me and Betty it was the other one, the IR one with Chris (Tee Reel). I almost soiled myself lookin’ at the pawg perfection that was this girl’s body. There are bigger, there are thicker, there are some even shapelier, but there was something magical about this girl’s body. – BSD.