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  1. DaSilverSurfer says:

    @RFM Quick NBA questions for ya. If the Thunder don’t win the chip this year does Durant stay and reup? Second, Does the Thunder brass break up the squad for some better pieces if they don’t get out of this round with the Spurs?

    IMO, as good as Russell Westbrook is they need a PG that can run the team in the Final moments of games. Sometimes, his decision making down the stretch of games is downright terrible and I think that costs them many important games. They need a game manager.

    • If I had to bet… I’d say he stays with Westbrook… If he leaves, he probably should find a way to land in Miami *I know, I’m biased* … But that current team, with him… can compete with ANYONE in the West, no problem.

  2. Matt Enderson says:

    define cleanup on the aisle., please?

  3. MrRalph says:

    O-maze! Loving the real woman type, instead of the fake pornstar usual

  4. huh? says:


  5. James says:

    Who is she and what site is this from

  6. Shadowsx123 says:

    Yeah I saw this a couple a days ago….. She looked like she didn’t know what hit her after the scene…. lol

  7. Smitty says:

    This is one nasty slut. Personally I looe her first scene in the purple shirt, anal looks disgusting in general. But hands down shes the baddest chick on PS. No question, they might as well keep uploading her. That ass so big lol

  8. Loser says:

    Who is this!? Where can I find more of her?

  9. ash says:

    could you get her other video on private society, Heidi Loves Anal Sex

  10. Michael says:

    No problem bruh. All you do for us, couldn’t keep this to myself. Btw, if this is her first time ever doing IR, I can’t tell. She took it like a champ, plus we all seen dudes rolling around with broads like this thinking, “If you gonna be with a white chick, why a busted one?” Then you see the thickness up close and personal, lol.

  11. Bigmike22 says:

    What website this video is from?

  12. sologunfire1 says:

    what is her name?? and what scene is this from??

  13. yass says:

    only for premum user’s 🙁 have you another link please ?

  14. Smitty says:

    Can you re up on Buddhabang and Midwestrawent?

  15. z8 says:

    Lmao. Damn she exploded all the way… She got a fatty tho. Thanks RFM. Also I now multiple SFGs (struggle face girls) with unreal bodies. That body will give the face a boost every time lol.

  16. Espada says:

    I would give her the biz….question tho would you wife her or just keep her just to fuck?…..I mean if she Clean her teeth and get some sun she wouldn’t look as bad right?.……

    • pawg lover says:

      There are way uglier chicks in professional porn. Makeup does wonders.

    • z8 says:

      I don’t think this particular chick is that ugly, I was just saying. Also, anytime a banging bodied chick will wrap her own arms up behind her and pull her own hair? She can get the biz on the reg. She is ready. LMAO.

    • TxPimp says:

      TBH if she let you fuck other chicks, I would wife her in a second. Get her teeth fixed and you good to go. I been checking out the chicks at pornhub, the homemade stuff, and I swear some of the most avg/below avg bitches be doing the most. Fucking throwing up and still sucking, hr long BJs, ass to mouth, etc. Not with the throwing up shit but that shows dedication. These chicks are down for whatever whenever, would be dumb to not lock down a true freak over just looking avg.

      Would add this chick is pretty much on pair with Virgo, Kelly Divine, and that other wife chick catching dicks left and right.

  17. pawg lover says:

    She isn’t actually that bad face-wise… she just needs to take care of herself with the right make up, a new hairstyle, new glasses (or no glasses at all).

  18. alex says:

    This scene was a major surprise. It was amazing. WHOA!



  20. Ron Mèxico says:

    2 questions. Does anyone know what site this is from? And is there a 1080p available?

  21. kenny says:

    yoo whats her name??

  22. Juan says:

    From which site you got this?

  23. Glencocoe says:

    She’s that dorky chick in high school who had a nice ass that you secretly wanted to bang

  24. yao says:

    Can u get the Khi Bella scenes from Atl bad boy?

  25. sologunfire1 says:

    who is this girl??

  26. Jay says:

    anybody know the name of this woman?

  27. Juex1987 says:

    What was this shit shot in 4k? Lol I swear this shit was in true motion…

  28. kenny says:

    dude i just wanna know what her name is because i cant afford a premium and the scene seems legit amazing. Or the site its from. or some kinda info on her so that i can find more of her lol. if you dont wanna post my comment or give out the info could you just shoot me a email so i can google more of her??

  29. GSM says:

    Whats the point of hiding the watermark of each screenshot?

    • what’s the point in asking me?

      • GSM says:

        Because sometimes we want to know the actress name and the website she worked for.

        In this case, I would like to know her name to find more videos of her and also visit the site who shoot it to find similar videos.

        • Then download it… And you’ll see…


          • GSM says:

            Ok. But can you tell us why do you hide the watermark?

            • The actual scene in the archive does NOT have an “assoholics” watermark on it.. is all you need to know…

              What you are asking, has NOTHING to do with you….

              So, if that is hurting you so badly… find another site to use = simple.

              • GSM says:

                I asked about the watermark of the actual scene, not AH watermark. Why do you hide it?

                • Why are you so worried about that? Its has nothing to do with you…

                  My answer = Because I FEEL like it.

                  • Michael says:

                    RFM just my opinion, but you might consider not responding to these dudes. If you remember, I used to be the same way, but I learned. Having a rapidgator/alfafile membership saves us a hell of a lot of money over the alternative of paying for memberships to the major sites, let alone the more obscure sites.

                    They might learn. They might not. Anyone with half a brain realizes that even with people buying through your links, you still don’t come close to covering the costs of memberships, servers, CloudFlare etc. (Unless you got a free membership password to the majors. Had a bangros one back in the puberty days. Blessing and a curse lol) Just my two cents, though.

  30. Defiid says:

    What’s her name?

  31. Chester says:

    only for premum user’s 🙁

  32. WatUp says:

    she not even ugly she actually look like she can pass for Cathy Craving daughter lol


    can you please upload some more privatesociety?

  34. Bigmike22 says:

    Got a smaller file of this, RFM?

  35. Mario Hornjak says:

    Heidiprivatesociety on manyvids if you know HER NAME !!
    Her name is Heidi she have 100 clips on manyvids

  36. Golden Lance says:

    That was like her first scene a few years ago. All of the creamy, untapped pussy wasted on that old, short dick gremlin. Dude literally left her begging for more, and he could not give it to her. I wish this scene happened later when they had real black dudes putting in work. Never saw that clown in a scene again.