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  1. camron301 says:

    I always wondered how he got to shoot b/g scenes with major companies & top female talents after he shot gay scenes for years…

    • As some of my Assoholics brethren have educated me, in the past…. There are quite a few male talents that have made their way through the gay side, to get “on”…. I’m not sure how that works out like that.

      Plus, gay male talent make more money too.

      • camron301 says:

        I’ve heard that myself, which i sort of understand. It does remind me of the situation that happened with August Ames, which is a very sad one that ended up with her committing suicide. Some of the people i know that used to shoot porn would tell me stories that were utterly incredible and disgusting at the same time…

      • coldblood says:

        That’s crazy… none of these women are fine enough for that.