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  1. GotDamn says:

    Ass Parade always do these fuckin terrible camera views that make their scenes unwatchable


  2. exiameister says:

    This may not be a popular opinion, but Paige is the GOAT PAWG for me personally. Tall and curvy is the perfect mix for me. The accent helps too 😉

    It’s a shame she doesn’t do hardcore anymore.

  3. Phenix says:

    Paige was soooo dope!!!

  4. CurvLuv says:

    She was on FIRE for a minute there (2010-12). It’s a shame she quit doing pro shoots to only do work for her own site. Some of her site’s vids are ok, most are meh imo. I was also REALLY disappointed with her 1st and only DP scene (2013). The DP was only for a minute or two at the very end, and they only had her DP’d in cowgirl for a split sec. That should’ve been her top DP position considering the size of her ass, and the DPing should’ve lasted a LOT longer and been the main focus of the scene, not just a very small part thrown in to say it was her 1st DP. I could go ON and ON about Paige, I thought when she entered the biz she would be royalty, but she put in a couple good years and then completely changed directions. Her career path is almost like Siri’s, except Siri is unfortunately completely retired:(

  5. LUV Is Rage says:

    Paige has one of the most legendary asses in the business.

  6. Golden says:

    Could you re-up this if you still have it.