1. apollo246 says:

    Hey RFM, looks like you’ve been checking out my stash, I know I’ve sent you a lot of stuff so I’ll give you a chance to process it all before sending any more.

    As it relates to this vid, great sex positions relative to camera positions. This is the best way to film doggystyle with still camera in my opinion, you get to see everything. This guy obviously did his homework, he even gave us a reverse angle. If Paige got filmed getting fucked like this it would be game on point. As far as value for money goes, I felt I got it with this (ironically, this is cheaper than what Paige charges for her sex vids, not to put the spotlight constantly on her, but I think the comparison is apt here). Loooking forward to seeing the others with this pawg.

    • Paige has a TON of Instagram followers, so she’s probably cakin’ up off of anything she puts up…. So, the desire to go hard… Just isn’t there…

      She can be one of the best, with minor modifications…

  2. apollo246 says:

    I totally agree

  3. DarkNight says:

    Geez these camera angles….are they really necessary