1. Grateful Lurker says:

    Her retarded ass need to fix that damn weave lol

  2. g says:

    If you have to choose between Virgo and Blondie Fesser which would you pick ?

    • At one point… I would have said Blondie… But, ima go Virgo…

    • Txspy says:

      Hmmm for an actually relationship and outings? Going with Blondie.

      For a side chick or a home body? Going with Virgo.

      • I was strictly talking smashing… I ain’t going for the relationship shit, with ANY of these pornstars… Unless, you mean IF they were not pornstars & we’re just talkin’ physical appearance …

        If so… I don’t think either one is beautiful, so… at this present time… I STILL might just rock with Virgo because her ass looks better & more natural…

    • pawg lover says:

      Blondie is slimmer and overall hotter and could certainly appeal to non ass-lovers as well (her body’s no longer natural though). Virgo is an ass-addict’s dream come true, but would be labeled as fat by the rest. I’d say Virgo 😀

      I wouldn’t start a relationship with either though as #1 I don’t like either face-wise and #2 I wouldn’t be able to share my woman with other guys, even if it’s just a job and no feelings are involved.

      • Im with you… when Blondie was, or at least, appeared to be 100% natural… I would have said her HANDS DOWN…

        But, now… it’s debatable… But, I HAVE to go Virgo on ass power alone…

        • pawg lover says:

          Went to check a couple of the her first vids, totally different girl… boobs were smaller but softer, ass looked even fuller back then, and she must have even done surgery to her face (she was prettier IMO).

          However, while I can fuck with the rest, I find this pretty disturbing:


  3. pawg lover says:

    wow, she’s at her phattest!

  4. Radric Davis says:

    Goooid they need to bring more thick nd plump bitches on bb .. Used to have a bunch bck in 09 like , selena star , tiffany blake , mahogany bliss and other bitches on btra… Should bring that bck pnly thing i hate is if they do have thick bitches they always keep a damn top with they titties out like a lil stomach is going to mess the scene up smh.

  5. The_Bot says:

    what?!?!?!?!? blondie looks way better than virgo face especially and ass too who gives a fuck if its fake blondie is slimmer and virgo is like a number 6 away from bbw with a face with a touch of down syndrome. blondie is the top choice

    • See, the KEY word you said in that (rant) … is “slimmer”… I’m always gonna go in favor of the thicker girl… w/ the thicker ass… you like slimmer… I like THICKER…

      & you also said… “who gives a fuck if its fake” … the ANSWER… I DO… Once an ass start to take on a fake-ish shape… I’m going to rule in favor of the more natural full ass…

    • Radric Davis says:

      LMAOOO “with a touch of down syndrome” i always thought that she lowkey looked like she had that condition… That would mad weird if she did tho

  6. pawg lover says:

    BTW if you, like me, always go for the highest possible video quality, here’s the 1080p version:

  7. Booty Brigade says:

    Blondie with braces

    Blondie without braces

    Blondie pre-construction

    Blondie post-construction

    Not even a thought

    • I would have said that a while back… but, one a natural chick start lookin’ modified … and then shit starts getting a little weird… it throws me off a little… I still fucks with Blondie … But, Virgo’s ass bouncing was lookin’ better to me, as of recent.

  8. Mr. 30mins says:

    Been a while but how I’m feeling..

    I remember voicing my disappointment in Blondie’s going that route a few months back. I was in love with her man as I’m sure with others. I can’t look at her the same anymore. Her ass barely moves now! Before it jiggled like crazy and I was excited every time a new scene of her dropped. What a letdown

    So, I’m going Virgo it’s very easy to choose. She still got all her shake in that booty. It’s also funny since I just got done watching their new scenes side by side.

  9. Wowza says:

    Pre-Blondie had more of a bubble butt and shape whereass Virgo is just thick all over in the right places (even if she becomes a true BBW, I think she’ll still maintain it well like Pinky). Ima go with Virgo. She’s all natural just the way I like. If Blondie didn’t go to engineering school, it would have been a little harder to decide, but Virgo personality gives her the edge for me since she seems real chill

    Also, Virgo at least shows her natural look and Blondie looks like she has to wear make-up to look decent

    • Yeah… im pretty much in that same boat… “too much engineering on Blondie” for me to select her over a 100% natural SUPER PAWG… It would be hard for me to take 99.9% of these PAWGS over the “orginal” Blondie… But, with the modifications starting to show some obvious flaws…. I have to go with the authentic.

      • pawg lover says:

        What I don’t like in Blondie is that she’s trying to fool us into thinking her curves are real, while a girl like Lela Star, for example, at least is proud of her blatantly fake ass.

  10. Voodoo Chylde says:

    I wouldn’t say no to either of them. I’m all for the scientific method. Gotta have them both at the same time and Do Science to them. Looks to me like Blondie lost weight. Her ass is smaller, but her thighs are about the same. She doesn’t look like she’s had injections or a fat transplant. There are tell tale signs that aren’t visible. Looks like she’s been doin an assload of squats Women age and their bodies change. Fact of life. We never account for health reasons either. Personally, I’d go with Blondie. Virgo has a great body but Blondie is a dirty dirty girl that will do things to you Virgo hasn’t even thought about. Virgo rides a dong with more passion that she does a man IMO.