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  1. the kidd papi says:

    Why is the ms. Cleo pinkyxxx scene premium only?

  2. Jack Purcell says:

    Not every porn star (or wannabe, ‘aspiring’ porn star for that matter) is *built to fuck*…
    But when I look at Giselle… thoses sexy ass eyes, that BRICKHOUSE body )with some really well done fake tits) and a nice round bubble in the back….
    all I can say is that this chick was put solely on the planet to please man, and be pleased BY man…
    Just. Dat. Simple.
    There just *cannot* be any other reason she is stacked up like dat!
    I would murder dat vagina with the power of A THOUSAND ancient Polynesian warriors, fam!!!

    Now, if the community would kindly direct mah ass to something ELSE she’s done besides this scene, I will place them in deep gratitude…

    • If im NOT mistaken I had posted ONE other scene from her… around the same time this one came out… but, it just wasn’t as bangin’ as this one was… RK seemed to just have a better idea as to HOW to shoot this Thicker built woman… the other scene didn’t show her ass enough love & made her look a little awkward… IF, I remember it correctly… I gotta see IF I can find it… I could be trippin’ right now.

  3. Jrs says:

    Damn this is an oldie, but a classic. Wish there was more of her and like her.