1. nate says:

    Thanks RFM! this is what i been waiting for!!

  2. Booty Brigade says:

    Oh shit! “Detox” is over. Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it.

  3. bootyologist says:

    Gotta give to ya RFM, when it comes to bootys of epic proportions you do not waste time. Props big homie, cuz this one is downright stupid!!!

  4. FUNK45 says:

    RFM. Help me out with this why? is rapidgator premium running so slow it takes about an hour to download a 1gb file. running verizon fios on a mac everything else is fast wasp help a bro out. peace.

    • it’s often based on the time of day… mid-day… even with a download manager won’t give you blazing speeds… recently it has been suspect, even for me… (if it’s mid-day)

  5. dj says:

    This is a mutherfucking CLASSIC scene!!!Love the camera angles on that big juicy booty especially after watching it on the 1080 version, GOOD LAWD!!!

  6. Shola says:

    Just downloaded it not too long ago and I have to say this is her goat scene for me. Great post bro.

  7. Luciano Assbum says:

    Virgo is the Best

  8. glencocoe says:

    dude….this is like the equivalent of that battle rapper everyone loves & going mainstream…and people fucking w/them even MOAR. this shit’s crazy. Like a fish in water this one is broski

  9. glencocoe says:

    oh….and this shit’s so hot I’m DL’ing it in class….


  10. FUNK45 says:

    RFM. THANKS for the scene and info. Virgo has breathed a second wind into the game she’s the kendrick lamar of phat asses. peace

    • Yeah.. between her and Blondie, plus a couple of them new Bangbros chicks… I’m good…

      Just STILL need my Lily Sincere back :'(

      • Hemmington says:

        Man you got that right! Blondie Fesser, omg her ass is crazy! Man. She might be my favorite PAWG right now. As for Lily Sincere: (the biggest ass in the league.) I doubt she is coming back, because that would be too good to be true. Who knows, sometimes miracles happen.

  11. Nino Brown says:

    She might look like The Hobbit all in the face, but damn if I wouldn’t smash that big marshmallow.

  12. Oz says:

    This is how you KNOW when a bitch’s ass is unrivaled when dudes ain’t got SHIT bad to say about it. Not one negative comment cause the proof is right in ya face!!! Some cats be dogging Vee’s facial finesse, but its not like she’s Kelly Divine or Sara Jay or some goonie goo goo with ass. She’s actually a lil cute to me in a hometown tomboy kinda way. Penthouse respect Stang for running the premiere internet bachelor pad!

  13. John Wick says:

    the scene is good only bad thing is the type of camera you used to fish lens I think it is not necessary one to his ass.

  14. Cuddy says:

    Virgo is getting discovered left and right like how the cavemen discovered fire

  15. big trey says:

    Yo valerie Kay got a monster of cock tomorrow on bang bros man bang bros done took over

  16. Shola says:

    Bro, I might have to make a donation to bangbros too. lol They got Valerie Kay

  17. John Wick says:

    OH SHITTTT this bitch has an infection in her ass looks herpes or fungi after being with anyone over there and lost value that vagina is widely used LOL.

  18. BigCockLover says:

    she needs a horse dick to break her down. She needs to film with jack napier or danny d or somebody. she didnt seem to have any trouble handling Rico’s cock.

  19. BSD says:

    Friends –

    I looked at how meaty and beautiful Virgo’s ass is in this scene,and I wept.

    I muthafuckin’ wept.

    Lawd have mercy on a poor sinner like me.

    I wanna crawl up in that ass and LIVE.


  20. Nate says:

    Im not trying to start a thread…but Assoholics fans, who would u pick with the meatiest ass, Kelly divine before baby or Virgo now?!?!

  21. Don says:

    Damn.. when she was still thick but not fat enough to be called a BBW like these days..
    Great upload

    • I don’t think I would classify Virgo as “fat” at ANY of the weights she’s been at… If a woman is curvy… I ain’t callin’ her “fat” ….

      To each, his own though.