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Aiight New Drink… Talkin’ Black Booty Now…

Name Your Starting 5

Here are mine:

(MVP/GOAT) Pinky (aka – point gawd!!… her facilitation game is unreal!)
Diamond Monroe —- Splash Sister 1
Layla Monroe —- Splash Sister 2
Cherokee D’Ass —- Splash Sister 3
Ms. Cleo (center)

Miyamme Spice (6th wo-man)

Nina Rotti coming off the bench gettin’ buckets!

Feel free to break it down however you’d like… 😉

The SUPER PAWG convo is also STILL going too.

& BTW… I will have more complete waves over the weekend, got a lil’ caught up these past 2 days.

  1. Johnny Brown says:

    Is the new Sultry Simone stuff going to be uploaded????

  2. Tae says:

    1. Cherokee
    2. Ms Cleo
    3. Ms Juicy
    4. Sky Black
    5. Beauty Dior

    Honorable Mention

    Bunz 4 Ever (I wish she had more of a sample size)

    Have not been into black porn lately girls seem to have really fallen off so my top five mostly are from years ago…

  3. nate says:

    I believe everyone is going to have cherokee and Pinky in their starting five, and know they both are going to be in mines! just got to get three more so i can build around them

  4. DaSilverSurfer says:

    Aight RFM, I stayed away from the PAWG conversation but I’m gonna join this one. Silver gotta surf. I’m gonna show you how good I am and not pick any of your squad, which is stellar by the way…Here is my Silver Surfer Popovich match up squad.

    MVP GOAT Jazmine Cashmere Matchup problems for PINKY nuff said

    Ayana Angel – Splash Sister 1 I see your Diamond Monroe and raise you
    Nyomi Banxxx Splash Forward 2 Layla Monroe is a problem but Nyomi invented the position
    Janet Jacme Splash Forward 3 Hard to find someone to match up with Cherokee so we go with the GOAT. We lose size but we gain legend status

    Michelle Tucker Center We play like Golden State athletic and fast. Let’s see if Cleo can match up with Michelle. Its Shaq versus Hakeem

    Beauty Dior 6th woman 2nd best option being that 1st option Myiamme is taken

    Caramel bench buckets All she does is get buckets of gizz but I digress

  5. DaSilverSurfer says:

    RFM By the way, the Jazmine Cashmere Pinky matchup is like Chris Paul vs Curry. Ultimate facilitator Pinky vs the ultimate shooter/scorer JCash

      • DaSilverSurfer says:

        Just for clarification RFM, I tried to leave off as many “customized upgraded” ladies as possible so a lot of the new chicks got cut off my list -Layla Foxx The Bodyxxx Bunz, etc They are all under investigation by the league for PED’s lol lol.

        It’s like the AllStar game tho’ a lot of great players couldn’t make the cut not enough spots – Lexi Amor Aurora Jolie Roxy Reynolds Pursuajon Mya G Flame Kahfee Cakes Sinammon Love Kelly Starr Nautica Skyy Black Cherry Blossoms Ms. Juicy Chanell Staxxx Italia Blue

  6. DaSilverSurfer says:


  7. camron301 says:

    My starting 5:

    Ayana Angel
    Jazmine Cashmere
    Mya G
    Luscious Louis

    Layla Monroe/Lexi Amor (tie for 6th wo-man)

    Honorable Mention:

    Tia Cherry
    The Body XXX (even though she’s “enhanced”)
    Sinnamon Love
    Roxy Reynolds

  8. assoholics fan says:

    Such a waste that girls like Scarlett and Spicy J ducked actual porn.

  9. Mr. 30mins says:

    Ahh we going chocolate now? Okay here’s my starting offensive line

    Sasha Rae – Left Tackle
    Victoria Allure – Left Guard
    Cherokee D’Ass – Center
    Pritsy – Right Guard
    Joei Deluxx – Right Tackle

    Pinky – Quarterback

    Back up QB’s if Pinky goes down with a pussy tear

    Mya G
    Ms. Juicy

  10. Radric Davis says:

    2 many of em 2 hard to pick…

    you got the OG’s : Cherokee, Pinky , Beauty Dior , Skyy Black , Ms Juicy , Kelly Starr , Flame

    the experienced : Cherry Blossoms , Chanel Staxxx , Jayden Starr , Diamond Mason , Gemini Lovell

    The new ones : Layla Monroe , Diamond Monroe , Nina Rotti , Jayla Foxx
    & 1hit wonders that went ghost after 1 or 2 scenes on Evasive Angles movies or the ones that Pinky or TheBody put on..

  11. nate says:

    literally, i have 30 plus names that i have on a dry erase board as im writing this! i gotta go in my draft room real quick and pick my other 3!

  12. azz says:

    Does this bitch ever get naked? fuck

  13. Jt says:

    1. Layla Monroe
    2.Aryan Adin
    3.kristi maxxx
    4.Jazzy Que
    5. Cherokee d’ass

    Honorable mention skyy black, Beauty dior,Jasmine Cashmere

    Pinky is in a league of her own.

  14. Glencocoe says:

    Mya G for real for real. Anastasia Lux for sure & italia blue

  15. doey says:

    Michelle Tucker
    The Body

  16. SaintOrleans says:

    Jazmine Cashmere definitely.

    If you need someone to come in, do the filthy work and give a strong twenty minutes (….before freaking out and getting suspended for ten games), I highly recommend Aurora Jolie. She might be batshit insane, but so was her body.

    Pinky during her slim phase (pre lunch)

    Jada Fire. There’s your 13 and ten chick on the blocks.

    Kim Eternity was STRONG WIT’ IT. And you’ll need a dirty vet.

    And that’s my 92 Knicks era Black Booty team. We go hard.

  17. g says:

    Cherokee D’ass
    Honey Cakes
    Miyamme Spice
    Charmin aka Coffee from cb

    scenes are lacking for some but still….

  18. sealortay says:

    2.Carmen Hayes
    3.Mya G
    4.Jazmine Cashmere
    6.Beauty Dior
    7.Kapri Styles
    8.Diamond Monroe
    9.The Body XXX
    10.Jayla Foxx
    11.Naomi Bank
    12.Teanna Trump
    13.Harley Dean
    14.Lacey Duvalle
    15.Amateur chicks (Tiyanna Lee, Butterfly,Cali Kush,etc)

  19. Mr. Bojangles says:

    Gotta start by saying my list is all natural so (Diamond Monroe) I’m looking at you and your customized ass. I’d definitely smash no doubt but by default she gotta go… AND NOW INTRODUCING MY STARTING 5!!

    At Point Guard – Pinky (09 Pinky was special)
    At Shooting Guard – Cherokee (OG of this ass game)
    At Small Forward – Kahfee Kakes (Her scene wit J. Slayer and Onionbooty classic phatty on HD)
    At Power Forward – Kelly Starr (After weight gain and comeback to the game)
    At Center – Bootylicious (For a BBW her ass was proportionate and firm)
    Bench players no particular order – Skyy Black, Pursuajon, Roxy Reynolds, Mz. “Cigarette Burns” Booty, Nautica

  20. DjKushallday says:

    Mane excellent covo right here. but 2 many 2 name. back in the day black porn was the best 2days version is a watered down version of the past….

    Pinky is a legend and we kno this so for those reasons she will be left out of the list. This is in no particular order jus some of the best in the biz.

    Chanel Staxxx
    The Body XXX
    Kahfee Kakes
    Roxy Reynolds(thicker roxy)
    Nautica (for those who don’t know her look her up)
    Diamond Mason (the first Diamond)
    Diamond Monroe( the second)
    Gemini Lovell
    Mya G
    Sky Black
    Kelly Starr

    There are so many more yall have named a few that i have missed but this could damn near b a never ending list…..

  21. will says:

    i thought diamond monroe shit was fake

  22. DarrenIRL says:

    Brother from Ireland here. Big fan RFM. Salute.
    Good discussion. My shout would be:

    Ms Juicy
    Michelle Tucker
    Pleasure Mia
    Nina Rotti

    I know Pinky a OG but she dont get me going as much if u kno what i mean. Same Cherokee but I know they legends.

  23. JoDoe says:

    I might be in the minority here but Pinky just never did it for me outside of a few scenes, so she doesn’t make my list.

    Beauty Dior
    Tia Sweets (if she ain’t black sub in Ayana Angel)
    Roxy Reynolds

    Gogo as the sixth man. Ass is undisputed but them tats and piercings throw everything off.

  24. rainy says:

    Mustang, thank you very much for more stuff with Scarlett.

    Btw, looks like that clip 17 and 18 are the same.

  25. JetK says:

    Pinky, Cherokee, Mya G, Flame, Bootylicious

  26. chrishomer says:

    black babes woww

    mya g
    pleasure mia
    naomi banxxx
    nina rotti
    layla monroe
    gemini lovell

  27. Gmny says:

    Starting 5
    1 Diana devoe – the sneaky underrated guard with game closing talents!
    2 pinky – the lebron of the squad capable in every facet of the game!
    3 Sydnee Capri – capable of destroying defenses at a moments notice!
    4 Ebony ayes – hof power forward that paved the way for the rest!
    5 Cherokee – is the anchor of my squad and sets the tone!

    6-man= Nina rotti – her contribution off the bench will be tremendous!

  28. mtg89 says:

    Sorry for an off-topic RFM, but I’ve been trying to find this latina chick all over internet. Her name is Sareena or Sarena(that’s how she pronounces it). I know the ass is fake, but DAYUM she’s hot! Do you have an idea what’s her name and if she did any more scenes?



  29. Dspikable says:

    Diana Devoe –
    Caramel –
    Chyna Red –
    Honey Daniels
    Sinnamon love

    Honorable mention – Crown princess
    Beauty Dior

  30. will says:

    Wasn’t gonna get into this but fuck it…..

    Kapri styles – after implants cuz she got thick

    Diamond monroe – inflate gate or not ass too FAT

    Pinky – swingman of the century

    Vanilla redd – She remind me of pinky

    Cherokee – G.O.A.T nuff said

    Sixed woman of the year *drum rolls* Gemini Lovell

  31. DubbaU says:

    2.Roxy Reynolds(how she looks now)
    3.Ayana Angel(the older version)
    4.Michelle Tucker

    6.Kelly Starr

    reserve. Vanilla Red

  32. Lickmasta says:

    Ok my starting 5 is new skool with a old vet lol
    1.Teanna Trump
    2.Nicole Bexley
    3.Aaliyah Gery
    4.Sophoa Fiore
    5.Mary Jean
    6th Woman Nyomi Banxxx
    Off the bench Bugatti Bubblez

  33. nate says:

    Damn, where is all the comments at? i thought this black booty was going to be better than the PAWG convo!?

  34. richardblack says:

    Appreciate you RFM! No doubt…been a fan for years but I have to chime in on this one…

    Prolly in no particular order but:

    Cali Davenport
    Chanel Staxxx
    Mya G

  35. eazystreet says:

    Too many to name but here is a few: Chocolate stallion, New jersey, angie love, cali sunshine, flame, hennessy Tootsie and Kim Treats.

  36. nate says:

    This is my top 5 responding to your starting 5 RFM

    1. Pinky
    2. Cherry blossoms- Splash Sister 1
    3. chanel staxxx – Splash Sister 2
    4. Cherokee
    5. Hershey Rae – Center- she wont stop Ms Cleo but I just needs Hershey rae to contain Ms Cleo while getting hers as well

    Flame to counter Miyamee Spice
    Ms Juicy to slow down Nina Rotti

  37. assfiend10000 says:

    Alayah Sashu
    Victoria Allure
    Michelle Tucker
    Mya G
    Candi Dreamz

    No particular order, but victoria allure is number 1

  38. SunGod 245 says:

    Starting 5:

    Skyy Black
    Ms. Cleo
    Cherokee D’ass

    6th woman

    Big Redd (In the thick 2, Gigantic Brick House Butts 2, All Dat Azz 23)

    Honorable Mention:

    Jersey (In the Thick 16)

  39. Son Goku says:

    Lol, I’m mad how you used Golden State’s splash brothers term for pornstars. Anyway, my starting 5. #1, Pinky of course.There are just so many things about that girl, Though she may not have cover model looks, she is so fine to me. Love her skin tone, height, thickness of course, mouth game during sex, sex skills. How she walks, her voice etc. I know she is a pornstar but that’s just my baby right there, well one of my bae’s. You can have a favorite but that doesn’t automatically mean that every time you see her or her name is mentioned you get that feeling all over that makes you say, oh that’s my baby right there. Oh, you know what I’m talking about. Lol, people always clown her about her arms but I love her chunky short arms, they fit her. I mean yeah, they maybe shorter than normal but she is only 4’11. Oh, I can’t tell you how much I love short girls.

    #2 Cherokee, there has never been nor there ever will be an azz that can bounce during sex like that one. Where in a way it may be sad to say but true. That woman’s azz was built for porn.
    #3, The BodyXXX, Sex appeal, tats, again, doesn’t have cover model looks but she truly is my type when it comes to black girls, so within that makes her fine. Like Lisa Raye, Taraji P, or lol, Taraji P’s co worker in Baby Boy that Jodi almost has sex with, hmph, with her sexy azz. It’s a love hate type thing though, with her type, ratchet if you will, they get on my last nerve but at the sametime they turn me on beyond belief. The way they walk, talk, dance, kiss etc. There is a natural nastiness about them.
    #4, Ms, Cleo
    #5 tie between Mz. Booty and Cherry Blossoms.

    Now as far as BBW’S/SSBBW, No explanation needed from here on out, you know how I feel about the plus size so to speak.
    2. Mz Buttaworth
    3. Bootylicious
    4. AdarlingDarlaBBW
    5. SuperstarXXX

    coming off the bench. Supreme Diva,(new comer over @bbwhighway) Big Red, Sugar Pear, Wett Dreamz, Thunder Katt, Spice Cajun, Farrah Foxx, Cuntree Ryder, Sinnabunnz, Fallon Fierce, Super Phoenix, Lady Seductress, The ButtXXX, Cherii Lust, Ms Alotoftitttes etc. Wanted to add. Awesome Mamii, Anastasia Vanderbust, Panterra etc etc but technically they are Latinas.

  40. DaSilverSurfer says:


    Aight…Bunz4Ever went out and bought the biggest ass in recent porn history and I’ve seen no one put her on their squad. Not even a honorable mention. Now….that’s interesting how her blatant enhancement doesn’t get her a mention, but The Bodyxxx who we all know is enhanced is on here bout 10 times. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…..

    • Son Goku says:

      Damn, you know what’s funny, I forgot all about her and in my case, it’s not that she must not be all that to me if I forgot her. It’s just like when you don’t have the money to get all of the things you want but as soon as you get it, you can’t remember all of things you wanted. You have to sit and really think cause everything you wanted comes rushing to your memory at once. Yeah, if I could do my list again, I would put her in my 5th spot, than Mz Booty and Cherry Blossoms would be tied for the 6th man spot.

  41. ChunkyBigBootyLover says:

    Any hardcore scenes? If soo pls do post 😀

  42. cobain says:

    blaze mowet
    miss mia
    hershay rae
    ms cleo

    nuff said….

  43. Izzy says:

    1. Kitten – OG runnin the point. Veteren in clutch situations. No mistakes.
    2. Sinnamon Love – Splash Sister 1
    3. Carmen Hayes – Splash Sister 2.
    4. Pinky (Star Player) – All around forward.
    5. Cherokee D’Ass – Big ass down low.

    6th Woman – Beauty Dior. Always an x-factor.
    Role Players – Kapri Styles, Porsha Carrera, Skyy Black & Lexi Amor.
    Veteran Minimun Contract – Spontaneous Xtacy.

  44. Bootyologist says:

    In no particular order:

    Chanel Staxxx (Phat as duck butter!)
    Ms. Cleo (Cherokee and Ms. Cleo to me are like Ken and Ryu)
    Ebony Ayes (Gotta have a captain who paved the way)
    Pinky (Already a damn legend in my eyes)

  45. JDL says:

    Goddamnit, then I go and forget Ericka Liu!

  46. JDL says:

    I always wanted to say this, but I feel like this site is geared toward ‘power’ rather than ‘finesse’. Size rather than shape. How does no one have love for Diamond Pipes, Raven Sky, Ryder Cummings, Milian Blu(probably not 100% black, but…), SOLE DIOR?! EBONY STAR?!! TONI SWEETS?!!! I know you fellas have been posting BIG butts… but the bitches I named had 100% BUBBLES. I think that’s worth more than BBW booties. No hate intended. I’d like to hear opinions.

    • DaSilverSurfer says:

      JDL, Just wanted to address your statement. I think I speak for most of the ass-o-logists here we respect “power” and “finesse”. A lot of the girls you speak of we talk about all the time here and they get their respect and large amount of posts. Of all the girls you mentioned though, there’s only one I think would come up in a constant top 5 or 10 conversation and that would be Toni Sweets.

      Remember the topic is Black Booty and unfortunately there is a loooooooong list of stars to choose from old new and inbetween before you get to the bubble butt stars. If you had 20 spots you would probably see a lot of the girls you mentioned or if the topic was bubble butt black booties then the whole convo would change.

      Feel free to check my list above in the convo and you will see I’m all about the bubble butt athletic honies…that’s my lane and what I dig. But I got all respect due to the heavyweights and they would NEVER get thrown out of Da Surfer’s palace. Phat asses of all kinds are welcome and respected here brah’ ALL KINDS!!! LOL

  47. g says:

    forgot to add Mo Wetta…

  48. DaSilverSurfer says:

    JDL, just a quick case in point. In this convo it’s arguable that Pinky is the GOAT of the ass biz. I would take Jazmine Cashmere but for all kinds of other reasons. JCash would lose in and ass battle with Pinky all the time.

    With that said, give me the 09′ Pinky over “Hitting the buffet Pinky” any day. I thought she was slayin’ em’ in 09′ body was crazy with the phat bubble ass.

    But, a lot of cats love the thick Pinky to each his own. Give me a bubble butt, athletic honey any day.

    • Izzy says:

      Man Jazmine is something special. I can’t even explain why, maybe Surfer can help me out. Sexy, nasty, head A1, bubble booty, phat tits, never found a scene I didn’t like of hers. My fav scene was when she was the hairdresser fucking J.Cannon.

  49. FUNK45 says:

    1. Ayana Angel
    2. Cinna Bunz
    3. Kahfee Kakes
    4. Kelly Starr
    5. Sinnamon Love/

    6th. Nautica

    BTW anybody seen Deadpool?

  50. kingteezy says:

    Chanel Staxx
    Michelle tucker
    Roxy Reynolds

    They all got face and ass.

  51. kingteezy says:

    Fake booty squad

    Roxy Reynolds
    Body XXX
    Bunz 4 ever
    Diamond Monroe XXX
    Lacey Duvalle

  52. Kenneth Reid says:

    RealFastMustang please fix your website.

  53. Soul Glo says:

    1. Pinky
    2. Cherokee Dass
    3. Carmen Hayes
    4. Kitten
    5. Layla Monroe
    6. Snicka

  54. that dude says:

    less talk material … more fap material

  55. ThickChaser37 says:

    My Starting Five:

    1. Sugar Pear / LA Gurl (I don’t care about the drama…She can get it all day, everyday!)

    2. Super Phoenix (Ya’ll Sleeping on her)

    3. Chyna Red (Shorty bad yo…)

    4. The Butt XXX (She gotta donk like shit)

    5. Prada Thick (Straight Curves)

    Real nigga shit…Fuck wit your boy!!!

  56. guilherme says:

    1. Aurora Jolie
    2. Vanilla Red
    3. Catalina Taylor
    4. Sara (Cup Madness)
    5. Ava Sanchez

  57. Mrpennywhite says:

    Lalya Monroe
    Michelle Tucker
    Jazmine cashmere
    Sydnee Capri/Capri stylezz
    Chayanne Jacobs (This chick smdh…)

  58. Dspikable says:

    Does anyone remember Alayah Sashu?

  59. DerrikDX says:

    I couldn’t get it down to just a starting 5 So decided to go with a 12 man Dream Team Roster.
    In No particular order

    Aaliyah (OnionBooty)
    Awesome (Asswatcher)
    Cherokee D’Ass
    Hennessy (404Girls)
    Kahfee Kakes
    Kiyah Rain aka Shannon (PinkyXXX)
    Michelle Tucker
    Ms Cleo
    Q45 (ClubButts) aka Infinity (ChocolateModels)
    Tenacious (ChicagoFreakFest)

    Joi Ryda: My Christian Laettner College Pick, Since she never went Pro(did XXX)

  60. FUNK45 says:

    Luscious Louis Underrated she’s the teddy ruxpin of phat asses. Didn’t see her on the list.



    toni sweets

    alaya sashu

    Brazilia (Darkside ent ….for the OGs)

    Olivia Winters/Envy


    italia blue


    kina kara

    kara kane

    Lana Sands …… and on and on (slick rick voice)

    fam porn has has some bangers

    Peace ( I drink booty sweat…. lol )

  61. FUNK45 says:

    Ms kitty.

    Unique Lasage

    bugatti bubblez

    millian blu



    ryder cummings

    forgot about these chicks

  62. Class Session says:

    1. Pinky
    2. Roxy Reynolds
    3. Kelly Divine
    4. Body XXX
    5. Cherokee

    6. Ayana Angel
    7. Jayla Foxx
    8. Sinnamon Love
    9. Diamond Monroe
    10. Nautica
    11. Lexi Amor
    12. Diamond Mason

  63. DaSilverSurfer says:

    Alright RFM, This convo has been a nice distraction but it’s going on 4 days without any updates here. Let’s get back to bizniss as usual, back to the regularly scheduled programming lol lol

  64. camron301 says:

    Brand new Blondie Fesser & Priya Price scenes out today…

  65. matt says:

    There is a new Anastasia scene, RFM…

  66. BootyFan says:

    1) Cherokee
    2) Italia Blue
    3) Pinky
    4) Roxy Reynolds
    5) Aurora Jolie

    Bench) Pleasure Mia, Skin Diamond, Vanessa Blue, Carmen Hayes, Lexi Cruz

    A lot of good teams out there lol

  67. VictorSweet says:

    2.Mya G


    Sara Jay
    Kelly Divine
    Ryan Conner

    Honorable Mention: Alex Love & Kiara Marie. Not enough work from either of these 2

  68. richardblack says:

    Shocked Cali Davenport wasn’t mentioned! The has one of the most perfect bodies in porn…small waist…phat ass…phat pussy…Obviously my opinion tho…

    Vanilla Red deserves a mention too! Ugly ass weave, but she can bounce that phat ass of hers!

  69. Ozymandias7 says:

    Yo RFM, just for future posts, take a look at Lola Foxx’s new shit. She got thick.

  70. Quan says:

    Hey Scarlett deleted her CP. You all probably know this. But one thing you might not know is pretty much all of her videos are available online now with the exception of the one she made on march 3rd in the skin tight white booty shorts. The link for that one is dead and it’s probably an incredibly rare flick at this point. Does anyone have a link for that one?

  71. Kimbo7656 says:

    Chanel Staxxx
    Vanilla Red
    Ms Juicy
    Honey Daniels
    Joei Deluxxe

  72. freedyx says:

    My top 5 not in order
    Vanilla Red
    Chanel Staxxx
    Kelly Starr
    Luscious Louis
    Cherokee D’ass
    From da bench
    Ms Juicy
    Cody Bryant
    Nyomi Banxx
    Alicia Tyler
    Mia Milan

  73. Mark says:

    My top Five:

    Vanessa Blake
    Alexis Texas
    Jada Stevens
    Aj Applegate

  74. BottleBoy555 says:

    my starting 5 and this is in no particular Order

    1 . janet jacme
    2. Kodi Bryant
    3 . Lacey Duvalle ( After She Got Her ass Done )
    4. Cherokee D Ass (even tho i hate that new Lion Tattoo she got on her shit )
    5. Mz. Booty

    6th gotta be Nyomi Banxxx

  75. Camron301 says:

    My top 5:
    Luscious Louis
    Jazmine Cashmere
    Layla Monroe
    Mya G

    6 “Man” off the bench
    Chanel Staxxx/Lexi Amor *tie*

  76. Chonchi4Life says:

    She has a onlyfans now, Any one knows is its the same content or new on that one?

  77. BigBootyFan says:

    Italia Blue – All around good game
    Aurora Jolie – 1 Time She need to have that box penetrated lol
    Pinky – Top Tier Ass
    Maserati XXX – Top Tier Breasts
    Angel Kelly – Pioneer

    Pleasure Mia – Underrated
    Cherokee – Classic
    Ms Cleo – Classic
    Nina Rotti – Body is on point
    Michelle Tucker – Can’t Sleep on this one
    Vanessa Blue – Performs well under pressure
    Jade Fire – She put in strong work

  78. blob says:

    For me has to be:
    Cherokee D Ass
    Beauty Dior
    Diamond Monroe
    Mya G
    Roxy Reynolds

    On another note, yo RFM any luck on the ms cheeky videos? I’m sure someone has them in their stash somewhere.

  79. Bigsingy says:

    PG- The ButtXXX**
    SG- The Juice
    SF- Chocolate Pear aka Pearaddiction**
    PF- Big Lizz**
    C- Ms. SuperdomeBooty

    Hall of Fame:
    R.I.P SSBBW Ebony “SUPER Pear”(Not Sugar Pear)
    SSBBW Honey “Hunni” Bunz
    SSBBW Amazing Pear **

    ** – Actually did XXX porn

  80. Krazyjv says:

    1. Chyna Red
    2. Scarlett Cakez
    3. Ms Juicy
    4. Cherokee D’Ass
    5. Kelly Divine