1. apollo246 says:

    Wait a minute RFM, is this shit new!! I’ve got all her stuff and I’ve never seen this one. Is she back?

  2. nate says:

    this has to be a new scene with ryan smiles!!??

  3. BigMike22 says:

    It been a long time since she did an IR scene.

  4. apollo246 says:

    I was like, wait a minute, I’ve got all her stuff and never seen this one before, this has to be new. This is like a dream come true for me, I absolutely love her ass and body in general, was hoping she would make a comeback.

    BTW, Valentina’s got a new Ass parade scene. I think she’s hooked on BBC especially after that last Hussieauditions scene.

  5. leo says:

    yup, she’s back. she had announced it on her instagram a while back. i just hope she does some new anal scenes this time around, i’ve watched the others so much i’ve even memorized the lines.

  6. Soclicky says:

    It is indeed brand new. Think I remember her saying on her insta she was doing a new scene

  7. BSD says:

    Friends –

    This is a new scene. I heard about it a month ago. Ryan looks MAGNIFICENT here. Thickened up nicely. Ass got meatier and a few belly stretch marks. Just beyond pawg, but still a ways away from chubby. And ir as well. Good scene.

    Now that she got her rent paid she’ll fuckin’ disappear again and leave us all saddened.


    • Camron301 says:

      She won’t disappear entirely, she is back escorting now…I think she has a couple more new scenes coming out soon. Fine & thick as hell, but nuttier than squirrel shit from what I’ve heard smh.

  8. truefable says:

    This is definitely new guys! Have all her shit.

  9. Tae says:

    Loving the last 4 posts good looking out

  10. Gio says:

    Damn looks like Reality Kings is trynna make a comeback into the porn game! I sill take Bangbros over them, but they’ve had some nice scenes recently here and there

  11. nate says:

    Assoholics, just curious, Ice Cube Big 3 basketball league consists of teams of 6 players, now from this list of 12 females, what 6 females will make your roster, what three will be starting and what three will come off the bench? please pick from this pool of 12 females… lana rhoades, angela white, mandy muse, Alycia starr, alexis Andrews, virgo peridot, blondie fesser, ryan conner, ryan smiles, mia malkova, valentina jewels, or Ashley Barbie?

    my starting three will have to be ryan conner, Alycia starr and ryan smiles.

    vrgo peridot, alexis Andrews and mandy muse is coming off bench.

    RFM and assoholics, whose your team??!!

    • I’m going Ryan Smiles, Virgo Peridot & Ryan Conner….

      w/ Alycia Starr, Alexis Andrews & Valentina Jewels coming off the bench…

      it was a toss up between Valentina & Mandy Muse…

      • BSD says:

        RFM –

        On visual and tactile appeal, (my tastes), my three are the same as yours; Virgo, Ryan, and Ryan. My First Sub, and the overall winner ON PERFORMANCE, from this crew, is Mandy Muse. The rest of them you can toss in a bag and pick two out. Although I do like Angela White’s work and Alexis Andrews’ look. She got a phat wobbly!


      • Scaringi says:

        Nah Valentina definitely ain’t surpassing Mandy until she sucks it up and get her anal game in gear. Mandy’s is far superior right now. Valentina can catch up quick but only if she wants to.

        • I ain’t really that, “I NEED anal” type of dude… I’m just talkin’ body types & chicks I prefer to look at… You can’t really go wrong with any of the chicks he listed… But, in real life… Ima probably go Valentina over Mandy… & I think Mandy is amazing.

  12. That Dude says:

    I actually got a lap dance from her a week or so ago at a club. She seemed a bit thicker in a sloppy way. Ass is huge, and very jiggly. Kind of wack as far as lap dances go though.

  13. Tiago says:

    Have you made any deal with chocolate models, so you do not post the videos on your site?