1. karinbooty says:

    Can you reup the 1080 version?

  2. Leroy Jenkins III says:

    Would love to see her put in some new work she’s always been one of my favs

  3. karinbooty says:

    Has anyone ever said to you a simple thank you…

  4. eazystreet says:

    Man,her and Luana was Brazils finest in they prime! fire drop my ni33a!

  5. eazystreet says:

    Super facts! If u got some luana joimts please post a couple. My cpu crashed a while back and i aint got none, i used 2 have em all!

    • Ima search the external & see what I have here… I have been operating from my primary location (cpu) for a couple of weeks…. So, some of my older shit ain’t here… I usually can jump to my other CPU’s but, I have em all shut down (wasn’t tryna pay and additional crazy electric bill) …

  6. eazystreet says:

    or if u just got just this one please re it up! i would appreciate it! one of my favs by her.http://assoholics.cc/2015/11/evasive-luana/

  7. Rebel1080 says:

    What kind of rig are you running? Sounds like you might need a NAS for all your hard drives. Maybe even upgrade to several 4-8TB drives.

    • I have 3 different locations I post from… I usually just use remote access software..

      At my primary location, I JUST got a brand new Dell XPS Tower SE… my 2 other locations are just heavily modded HP’s… probably about 20ish TB’s in total… But, you’re right a NAS would probably help… I’m just lazy sometimes… 🙁

  8. Downs says:

    I need to go back to RG, i need the Darlene collection lol

  9. glowup says:

    Thank you for the reup!