1. h3h3 says:

    I actually tried the NoFap challenge and this made me giving up. FU RFM j/k 😉

  2. Point Guard says:

    Hey RFM where is the home button at the top?

  3. Point Guard says:

    LOL good looking out homie.

  4. Jack Purcell says:

    Ay yooooo, I think this is my fave joint with Ryan!
    Ain’t this the one where it’s showing dat ass jiggle in slo-mo?! This shit was hot, AND had me rollin’ at the same time, cuz everytime they went to slo-mo, they played the intro music over it to further hypnotize you, LOL!!!!
    … which ain’t hard to do when you see all that booty-meat and every crevice movin’ in all its glory!

    • Yeah, this might actually be my favorite one too… just based off the resolution, the slow mo’, and the baby oil… all a WIN for chick with crazy ass like her….

      TROOF I had the red/white cartoon eyes lookin’ at that shit bro!!