1. Camron301 says:

    There’s no keep2share link for these?

    • nah, k2s speeds have been keepin’ me from doin’ alot of shit… So, reups/bumps are on rapidgator only.

      • john.bender says:

        Fuck. I need this.

      • john.bender says:

        What’s the easiest/cheapest route to a rapidgator membership? I’m really uncertain about sending details to a bunch of sketchy resellers?

        I went through this with my K2S account but eventually found an avenue that worked.

        • Scoop up some Bitcoin… best way to transact with ANYONE online… You don’t have to share your information…

          it currently MIGHT cost you a tad bit more… But, peace of mind is worth that… In my opinion…

          Give rapidgator a bullshit email address… Buy some bitcoin, throw it in a BRD, exodus, coinbase, wallet (or wherever) …. Buy a membership using Bitcoin.

  2. glowup says:

    I remember back in the day the black male talent like Nat Turnher & that other dude use to run down to Brazil and shoot major bubble booty but afterwhile they stopped and everything dried up. Introduced a lot of good chicks like Luna, Darlene and Monica.

    Shame no one has gone back down there to unearth more natural booty treasures.

    • Man, when I got my hands on that shit back in the day (especially, at a much younger age) I think those tapes shaped, modified, & confirmed the type of women that I would ultimately best MOST attracted to…

      I remember watching some of those joints, literally with my JAW dropped at times…

  3. SacredBooty says:

    That’s my fave Darlene scene of all time!

  4. Phantom Menace91 says:

    Man, went to Brazilk (Rio) 2x last year trying to fuck pornstars lol. Got Brenda Werner for $150 reals, Soraya is in Sao Paulo ($300) but i didnt hit. Darlene just posted an ad to have 2 hrs for $390 reals, so i may make another trip sooner then later hahaha

  5. apollo246 says:

    Totally agree with you there RFM, those body types had me hooked from the first time i layed eyes on them. Couldn’t beleive there were women on the planet that looked like that lol. Other than darlene, two of three of my other favorites are luana, talita brandao and a sexy milf named virginia. Got hold of some stuff from brazilian based sites a while back, have to check and see if i can send some of the best scenes your way. I also got a few of those darlene facesitting scenes along with some other girls yoi might like.