rapidgator / keep2share

    • My bad, I actually responded before my website had a lil’ issue (was down for a sec)

      & I’m just realizing that my response never posted… or, it posted… but was erased (due to the back up)

      But, as always… yeah… this sounds good fam… let me look at some of the prices for each manyvid 😉 … I’ll scoop a couple of those up first.

      • Son Goku says:

        Oh no, homie, that’s cool. You know I’m not pressed like some of these dudes on here. I figured you would reply when you could. I do want to make a change though if you already haven’t purchased anything. Instead of that Lila, I would like to get something over at clips4sale. Rumpalicious has a vid that I haven’t seen by anyone on the net and I mean anyone. I searched high and low, so if I could switch Lila for this.


        • Yeah, I was already in motion… posted a couple of the manyvids joints first…

          That Rumpalicious joint does look serious… I’ll try to get that one also… today… 😉