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  1. Son Goku says:

    What’s going on my brother. Yo, I am sooo sorry about taking so long to give you what we talked about. Thanks for everything you uploaded, as far as the manyvids, bbwhighway vids etc. Appreciate it. I have been so busy brother. Between my classes, taking care of the fam etc, by the time I get home, I’m done/I fall out. I was able to upload these, I’m going to get to the rest this weekend. Oh, as far as the Macchiato habibshow vid, dude, I was so looking forward to this scene but yo. Now, of course I don’t check for dudes in vids but this was so hard to overlook. I’m not really a big fan of the habib vids, so I never noticed this, maybe you have. Yo, the lightskin dude they use in their vids, lol, has to have 1 of the nastiest dicks I’ve ever seen. It’s like, WTF,(than as you look closer) ugh, type of moments. Again, if you never noticed, oh you will see it in this vid when she is going down on him. I literally threw up in my mouth. This is a big reason why I’m really starting to get more into strap on and futa vids. I’m kinda done with the whole having to see dudes in these vids in general. You know what I mean.


    • LOL!!! yeah, I know exactly who you are talkin’ about… Dude wit the mutation dick… I remember the first time I saw him in a scene… I was like, “well… WTF happened to his joint???” Shit always makes me cringe!

      I always wondered who there were dudes that felt like watching a man fuck a chick is cool… but watchin’ a woman fuck a chick is gay? lol!!! Like, I can ALWAYS understand something not being another man’s cup of tea… But, realistically… if we are ok with lookin’ at a naked man bang a chick… I have no idea how a naked chick with a strap-on fuckin’ a chick could be gay… I already know MOST of it happens to be VERY insecure men, trying their best to prove to themselves that they don’t have homo tendencies… But, sometimes I think guys “Protest too much” (if you know what I mean). I’ve actually been meaning to post a lil’ more hentain/futa stuff… I love reading some of the comments on those! lol!!!!