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    • Nah, that shit looks DUMB… And you know Paige doesn’t really go very hard at ANYTHING… I’m alot quicker to grab an expensive Korina Kova vid… Over anything Paige does & I fuck with Paige’s body type WAY more… But, she just doesn’t really do anything… Or, shoot in anything close to actual HD… and usually has PISS POOR lighting.

      • ben says:

        acctually that video doesn’t look so bad but do whatever u want man either way its your page but i’d really like to see that video man

      • ben says:

        please dude post it

        • I’ll tell you what… you grab this one… I got the next one 😉 …. You KNOW I’m good for it.

          • Phat-Ass-Loving-Fool says:

            Please can ya’ huh?

            GET. DA. FUCK. OUTTA. HERE.

            I can’t even try to understand making demands and suggestions of what YOU need to get… but they won’t come close to cracking open a bill fold is ‘dis bitch to purchase the very same content they’re trying to get you to cop!


  1. roger says:

    hey man can u post boootystar’s sextape or lomba’s sextape please dude

  2. apollo246 says:

    Hey RFM, here are some of the vids I promised

    The Valentina jewels one I had to convert down to a reasonable size since the original 1080p file I got from the site was almost 16 gigs. I also gave you a Luscious Lopez clip which I think illustrates what we were saying about her earlier, she looks yummy in this one.

    • Thanks fam, I appreciate it!

      DAMN! 16GBs what was it in 8K?? LOL!! If you have the time, or get the chance.. Zip it into 4GB files… and upload it to rapidgator, I’d love to see Valentina in that level of resolution… I’ll scale it to a couple of different quality levels…

      If not, it’s all good fam… I appreciate you loading these for me… I know 16GB can be a lil’ ridiculous to fuck with (Depending on ya CPU speed & ISP)…

  3. apollo246 says:

    Here are the Montse clips