1. blakmagik says:

    I would seriously give anything to know why she is so anti PP these days and what is was that caused her to stop working with them and publicly express how much she hates them now. It truly is a unfortunate because her content is so pathetic now and an absolute waste of an amazing figure.

    • CurvLuv says:

      I would love to know as well, I’d also like to really know why Karla Lane won’t shoot for PP either. Both of their PP scenes were really good! Also, Mazzi should shoot more BBG scenes and PP needs to step up their BBG game too. Imo I think Mazzi and Karla looked the best when they were shooting for PP.

      • blakmagik says:

        Basically MM needs to shoot with ANYONE other than what she’s doing now because the scenes with her husband are total garbage. I would pay so much to see her do a BBG scene where she got DP’d. That would be utterly mind blowing. Probably blow a few other things too! Lol.

        • Yeah, she really seems to be doing the bare minimum… I still love the size of her ass… But, she doesn’t really do much in most of her vids…

          The only thing I REALLY like from her, as of recent… was the joint shit did with that Delicious chick…

          • blakmagik says:

            Basically I feel like that’s 95% of ladies out there right now, the whole industry seems to be in this weird cycle of people doing the bare minimum, especially with the increased popularity now of IG “models.” Look at the vast amount of all these IG ladies with their stupid “Premium Snapchat” memberships (quite possible the biggest ripoff in the history of the industry) that are literally the most basic and LEAST amount of effort content you could produce. Look at how many where the entirety of the content they produce is basically just them shaking their ass or showing their boobs. Everything seems like it has regressed to the least amount of work possible / the least amount of effort possible and it’s all made possible because people PAY for such pathetic content!! Take someone like Diamond Doll for example, the girl has been producing the SAME pathetic clips for nearly a decade and just recently has started showing her breasts and people are freaking out and being like “Wow! She’s showing her boobs! This means maybe in a few more years we will see more!!” Think about the insanity of that, in today’s day and age with the existence of the internet and the INSANE amount of content available that people would be getting excited about seeing a set of boobs!?!?! This is all so weird to me and feels like we are in this really lame alternate universe where people get excited over nothing and people are somehow able to make money from doing the least they can.

            • YUP… & Exactly why sometimes I buy certain Patreons, or Manyvids, or connectpal vids… I try to let y’all know …The shit is TRASH, and ain’t worth what “she’s” askin’….

              That definitely is some selfish shit… Which is a large part of the reason I fuck with Korina Kova so much… She clearly isn’t lookin’ to be a full out pornstar… But, I think that she does a good job with her overall production of her indy films (she might over-charge a bit) … But, I at least can feel like I wasn’t cheated for supporting her…

              Some of these other chicks Paige, FullMoon & many more… make you finish their 5min, low resolution, terribly shot video like, “damn… I just paid 25$ for that bullshit??”

              Now, on the flip side of things… In their defense… The porn-game is kinda crazy & I can only imagine what it feels like to have everyone scrambling trying to see your work for FREE… I mean, even I see at least 10 comments per day askin’ me how to get a rapidgator membership free, or how to get a video free… But, everyone is also expecting me to BUY everything that THEY want…. So, I KNOW some of these chicks have to also feel the effects, of an onslaught of CHEAP ass people wanting the world from them… HOWEVER… The game is the game… you have to know, that is the game… There’s gonna be 20% of the people that will HAPPILY pay you for great content, and those numbers will multiple IF it is great content…

              So don’t even come into the game… If you ain’t ready to put forth the effort & build over time… Like ANY other investment. 😉

              • blakmagik says:

                Agree 1000000%! Couldn’t have said it any better. And I am ABSOLUTELY willing to pay for quality content! I don’t feel anyone should have to work for free or that I should just get to demand what I want for free. I am MORE than willing to pay what is fair and contribute. But I also don’t want to feel like I’m getting ripped off and that I’m actually getting my dollars worth, that’s all.

  2. GotDamn says:

    Is there an equivalent BBW? That actually does some shit? Mazz has one of the best asses in the game imo, such a shame to see all that butt go to waist

    • Then 90% of the time, she almost seems to be trying to NOT show her ass off… I fee like I see her stomach, more than her ass these days… SMH.

      I was SOOO happy to just see a full ass shaking video, from her… I was beginning to think she thought her fans like her because of her stomach…

  3. apollo246 says:

    I totally agree with what you said RFM, I have no problem paying for my porn but I want value for money (and that is market driven). As your horizons broden and you see what’s out there and what it costs you get a better idea. You go like,hmm, so i can get this for x, so why would I pay X+++ for this other shit that a’int the same quality? I totally support the girls who put in the work and charge reasonable prices for their stuff.

    On that note, I got two girls I would like you to check out.The first one is a gorgeous PAWG with an absolutely delicious pillow ass who posts stuff exclusively on Pornhub. She’s pretty nice and takes suggestions on what she should post and how to shoot etc. Her vids are free, but she does have a Paypal account for optional contributions. I’ve given her some contributions myself and I’m not at all disappointed. Check her out and tell me what you think.

    The other girl has a manyvids profile, she’s not a stereotypical PAWG, she’s more slender. She’s 5’10” and she’s gorgeous. By her own admission, she loves cock and cum and does not discriminate she seems to have a particular liking for black cock though, lol.
    What I like most about her stuff is the camerawork and the work she put in. Check her out here:

    • Yeah, that “Egg” chick has a NICE bubble… & I see what you mean about the Kendra chick… Her body type doesn’t really WOW me… But, she does appear to be making up for it, in other ways… Pretty/Effort…

  4. apollo246 says:

    My thoughts exactly, if only some of the other “real” pawgs would put in similar work.