I was wonderin’ how Anna & her tits were doin’, these days… 😉

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Billie Bombs aka Anna Carlene, is a classy beauty from Romania with full soft lips and gorgeous impressive curves. Her 38 JJ cup breasts are pure nature, heavy and sensitive with a delicate skin and delicious thick nipples. This babe just can’t help to be sexy all over. Two settings in one clip! First scene: In clip no 753 and 795 Maja and Billie provided one another with a relaxing intense boobs massage. Now they rub their huge soft oily bazookas against each other, a sexy slippery experience for the ladies. They might need a bit of help with all these heavy weights. Second scene: Billie undresses a lovely black lace and rubber dress to play with her huge natural tits. The backrest of the sofa is perfect to slide her heavy boobs backwards and make them drop. So many beautiful angles to watch this show

  1. Son Goku says:

    What’s going on pimpin. I’ll put the answer to your question here so you don’t have to go so far back in the post. By being raised a christian in the Pentecostal church, teachings of the King James Bible etc. I by faith do TRULY believe that Man came before Woman. Curious myself, why you ask.

    • I just kinda figured that… Because, I can hear in how you word certain things… No big deal, just curious…

      I’m personally NOT a huge fan of the Bible, or the notion that Man came before women… But, I ain’t mad at anyone that feels that way… Or, anyone that has a Christian faith… I was raised up Christian… But, as I dug more and more into it… I had to fall back. I still believe in a higher power, ofcourse… I just no longer subscribe to a “Bible” way of thinking about that higher power… I’m not anti any religion either… as long as whatever you support promotes peace/love… I can respect it…

  2. Alfredo says:

    I have to say I just love the ladies from Maja’s site

  3. Hecman says: