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  1. Gio says:

    Would love to see these two make a comeback. Imagine Luscious Lopez on Blakced raw, Hardx, and even bangbros

  2. Daedalus says:

    Got mixed feelings about this..

    Luscious Lopez still got that cute face, while something about Sophie’s just looks.. off. Her lips in particular.

    Meanwhile, Miss Dee seems to have retained her fabulous figure to a greater degree than Luscious.

    Let me just stop there for a while: I would like to go on record and emphasize that I still rank both of these chicks among my Top 20 GOATs. In their prime, these ladies were both yardsticks by which other chicks were measured!

    Well, in my book at least.

    Aww, hell! Even if metabolism is clearly catching up with their age, these two are still One. Hundred. Percent. WOMEN. Goddammit!!

    Body wise, Sophie is still jacked up and good to go! As for Miss Lopez, I ain’t seein’ nothin’ a weekly exercise regimen wouldn’t eventually address. And I do think she possess perks which may be attributed to her current weight: She actually has tits now, and her belly’s got a nice pout to it.

    So why not, Bangbros seems to be a particularly suitable platform, given that site’s recent output, for these two to stage a comeback upon.

    • Yeah, Sophie is CLEARLY not the same… she has lost weight, had some facial (downgrades) … and has made some necessary modifications to her tits also…

      Luscious still looks AMAZING… Sophie …. Not so much.

      She’s not bad… But, she looks much more plastic… less healthy… Luscious lookin’ like a sexy woman that is aging well 😉

  3. apollo246 says:

    I agree with you 100% RFM, I’ve actually collected a lot of these clips from Luscious’s manyvids page. She’s definitely thicker but in a great way and in all the right places, she looks healthy and like you said is aging well. On top of all that, she’s still all natural from head to toe, her cellulite pretty skin and stretch marks just make her look even sexier in my opinion. I prefer this version of her.