Brandi Mae Muscles

Posted: 28th July 2018 by RealFastMustang in big tits, lesbians, milfs, oiled asses/tits, squirters, strapon work

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  1. gooch says:

    yo thanks for this. i have a account if you want any vids from there

  2. Bluehen75 says:

    Nice… is there a brandimay01-04?

  3. Greg G says:

    RealFastMustang Don’t judge me, I smashed.

    Aside from Semi De Suora, the first muscle babe who I found attractive was . Years ago, I bought a cam show with her and asked if I could smash. She kindly let me know that she was spoken for and did not escort. I was still a fan, and while I was looking at her videos pornhub I came across Brandi Mae and always remembered her. I later saw Brandi on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble and was like “Oh Shit.” I looked her up again and saw that she was now in videos getting smashed by a Black bodybuilder who was not putting in any work. I went to, got her email, and contacted her. She was really cool and let me know that she was in Vegas, her tax, and that we could meet when I was in town. When I made it to Vegas I put the paper on her table and the rest is history…

    • I ain’t judging at all bro… But, I do want to know if you had a great time… If she put you in a MMA move…? AND…. if you sucked on that monster clit? ?? jk

      • Son Goku says:

        (just teasing) Uh huh, seems like you’re getting alot of good feedback over, ah-hem the muscles lol. If you want, I have more of her Brandi’s vids, as well as somebody asked for Amber Deluca and a ton of Denise Masino. Again, only if you’re interested for the fam.

        • LOL!!! It does seem that quite a few people are rockin’ with this… 😉 😉

          AND… Eh, I post alot of shit that ain’t necessarily “FOR ME” … But, as long as I can see the appeal in it… I can fuck with it…

          It ain’t that I wouldn’t put vids from Brandi on here… It’s when you couple a chick that is just “ok” to me, with a 50$ price tag… I be like, “DAMN, why didn’t my homie Goku ask for an expensive Blondie Fesser vid?… Why not BoootyStar… Paige, PrincessPawg, Sizzle or some PearPressure shit, or something???”

          But, you be lookin’ out… So, I have to always keep my word (even if you have to remind me a couple of times) lol!!!

          But, nah… I seen a couple of vids on there that I was like… “Hmmmm, interesting… I see why he’s fuckin’ with this a lil’ bit” … & She’s definitely different… If, nothing else…

          Generally, with me… if a chick doesn’t have hips… I probably ain’t really rollin’… That goes from 120lbs to 400lbs women… If she doesn’t get wider at the hips, my FIRST reaction is to pass on it… I can get pass ugliness, ZERO tits, thinner thighs, small calves… But, ZERO hips… There BETTER be ALOT of other womanly shit going on for me to give a second look…


          Also, Brandi NEEDS to get with the fuckin’ times and post that shit in 720 AT LEAST… The download option on her site is SUPER TRASH… and it’s SLOW as shit… Only to end up seems some BASIC ass resolution, from a 50$ price tag… That DEFINITELY ain’t whatsup…

        • jakes21 says:

          1+ for anything amber deluca

      • Greg G says:

        First off, she was a really great person and in addition to the intimate encounter I had an amazing time with her.

        From the jump I made it clear that I was not into any of that wrestling or femdom stuff. Still, I wanted her to be assertive because one of the reasons that I wanted to be with her was to see if I could give it to her so good that she would loose it and become submissive and call me daddy. She was amazing.

        Since you asked, I did suck on that monster clit. No homo but she is trying to get it so big that it is a mini penis.

        Side Note 1: I also was supposed to smash Jasmeen Jaflour, who is the Asian woman in one of her films, but she had an endometriosis issue and was not available at that time.

        Side Note 2: In case you do not post any of her scenes, out of all of the porn chicks I have paid to smash, Elsa Jean had the best goodies. I am usually not into slim chicks but there was something supper sexy about her to me. So, when I saw her Eros ad I get in touch and booked. For some reason she was by far the best I put the money on the table for.

        The latest was Ryan Smiles in NYC. She is BACK!!!

    • Son Goku says:

      WAIT WHAT, you smashed my girl, lol. I didn’t even know she got down like that. Not that I would ever pay, but man, I want Brandi Mae soooo bad. I would tear her sexy azz up. RFM knows this but Latina’s are my fav/my #1. It’s just something about them that put them leagues over black women for me. It’s crazy what you said about Dense Masino because she was my first muscle babe too. Now that woman, you talk about sexy. She just oozes sex appeal.

      • I don’t think I really have ANY ONE race, nationality, ethnicity (or, however you want to bust it down) of women necessarily over the next… I think women like Amara La Negra & Lupita Nyong’o have the absolute BEST skin complexion, NO DEBATE…

        But, as far as just beauty & body goes… I’ve seen Black, Brown, & White women ALL qualify for my personal TOP10… Ima just SUCKER for curves… I don’t really care what color they are… HOWEVER, a woman with amazing curves & Lupita’s complexion would probably be my ultimate dream woman…

        *And YES… I have Amara & Lupita in my TOP3* 😉

      • Greg G says:

        To each their own, but instead of dreaming about tearing her ass up I actually did because I put the money on the table. I have nothing but good things to say about that experience. 🙂

    • Hugo says:

      My Top 2 muscular women…

      1. Semmie De Suora
      2. Becca Diamond

  4. Dynomite says:


    Been trying to get vids of these fbb chicks man! Those bitches are so sexy. Love that big clit shit yo! Denise Masino is the queen! Yvette gets mean on some dick too. Mmmmmmhmmmmm…
    Only seeing solo and lesbo stuff though. Much prefer seeing them get piped down for a change.
    I’m liking where this thread is going though. You guys sound like there’s things in the vault!

  5. Wil Alling says:

    I add my voice to the chorus: I LOVE BRANDI MAE!! For me, she is, without question, one of the hottest babes of all time. Watching her flex is better than watching most other chicks have sex! Thanks for this mother lode of her clips. I’d welcome any more you could post.

    • I wouldn’t have thought as many guys like this level of muscle on women… Damn, “One of the hottest babes of all time” ?? SHEESH… Heavy words…

      She’s no where near my type… So many muscles just looks a lil’ too manly for me (personally) … And, like I said before NO HIPS tend to always be a deal breaker, for me… But, I can see the allure in her… Not to the level some of you guys… But, I love that y’all fuck with her this much… 😉

      I like chicks that have like Ryan Conner level muscles, or a Phoenix Marie…

      • Wil Alling says:

        I certainly agree with you about Ryan Conner and Phoenix Marie, RFM. In fact, I’d extend my appreciation for the stacked and the curvy to babes like Moriah Mills and Eva Notty. I also like well-packed little gems such as Anya Ivy and Luna Star. And as a general rule, I’m actually no fan of masculine-looking female bodybuilders. But to me, Brandi Mae is different: She’s ripped, to be sure, but also pretty, feminine and sensual enough to ring my chimes!

        But, as the French say: Chacun à son goût (to each his own).

  6. Greg G says:


    Ryan Conner was a green light too. Last time I checked she posts her tour schedule on her Twitter. Her wonderful booty was only an email and withdrawal from the bank account away. I don’t see how everyone can just lust after these women when it is literally chosen their job to F_ck men they do not know for money.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a woman on here and immediately gone to her twitter or IG to get her email to contact her to see if she escorts. I have put the money on the table to smash no less than 11 of the PAWGs listed on the lest side of this page. Others I just met and did not have to pay. I was in a relationship with two porn stars and even got one pregnant. I think I love whores more than anyone who frequents this site. 😀

    • Well Greg G. you sir, sound like a GO GETTER… Men either make shit happen…. watch shit happen… Or, not know WHAT happen… (Joe Budden bar)

      Most would rather dream, because it’s cheaper and easier… Some, actually put in the work to make whatever it is that they want come to a reality.

      • Greg G says:


        Joe Budden! New Jurez!

        Thanks! No disrespect to them but these women are whores and I thank god for that. Isn’t it funny that guys jerk off to these women while lusting after them when they can bang 90% of them. I am just lucky to have the paper. lol

        Yes, I love whores, but I am about to significantly slow it down. I am going on one last whore mission to Australia to smash GiGi Allens and a slew of Aussie PAWGs.

        After that, I am chilling with a PAWG whore (she is literally a whore I booked a session with and had amazing chemistry with. I no longer oay her) who I met in the UK until it is time to get married. I say that because I am not sure about making a whore a housewife. I am not that far gone. 😀

  7. KenSmit says:

    Inside the archive brandi_mae05.rar there is no file named
    brandi_mae_urmouthfullofsquirtMP4.mp4, I couldn’t found it
    Would you please help me ?

  8. KenSmit says:

    I got brandi_mae_urmouthfullofsquirt_360.mp4