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  1. damez says:

    am i the only one who cant watch a scene unless there is a black dick in it ??? i think it has to do with the fantasy aspect of it..knowing that the penis is the same colour as mine subliminally assures me that i can get that girl as well …however there are some girls out there that are so fine i suck it up and watch it no matter what the color of the dick is

    • I’m not like that… but, I’ve come across ALOT of dudes that are… I only care if the chick has some ass on her… if she does… She can be paper white, to midnight black… And I’m IN THERE…. She could be fuckin’ a chick, a dude, a machine, a he/she… I don’t really give a shit, if the chicks body is BANGIN’… I’m take a look… HOWEVER… The scenes I tend to hold on to… usually involve a BANGIN’ body chick, and a dude that can actually make her work… That, for the most part… usually seems to be black dudes… Although there are a couple of white cats that can hold it down too…

      I never actually knew, worrying about the color of the guy… or the guy in general, was a thing… Until I started this website… I used to think that guys that only watched a CERTAIN type of dude bang chicks, might be on the low… But, after a few conversations… I’ve modified that position.

  2. apollo246 says:

    I’m similar, I’m more concerned with the body on the chick (some girls are actually hotter doing solo stuff since you get a better look at their bodies). If it’s a boy/girl scene, I really don’t care what race the guy is, I’m more concerned with how the guy fucks the girl and how it’s filmed. I prefer seeing a girl’s pussy with a dick that fits nice in it as opposed to a looser fitting one and since black guys usually have bigger dicks, I’m more drawn to those scenes. Having said all that, some black guys just don’t fuck that good for porn purposes. Some of my favorite scenes have been with white guys.

  3. damez says:

    i feel both of you guys,

    and i guess i been watching porn for so long that my taste has become very peculiar

    back in the day i never used to care, all that mattered was the girl in the scene ,

    and yeah i low key prefer solo scenes, especially where a girl is trying on outfits and showcasing her entire body…

  4. JonnyB says:

    For me, if the dude is hitting it right, his color/race does not matter. But very few guys can hit it right, and even fewer cameramen can shoot/direct it right. Therefore I prefer solo/camgirls with fixed camera, because you can see everything better and the success/failure of the scene does not depend on dude’s performance. But seems like many/most dudes on here prefer to see ANY scene with a dick over ANY scene without a dick.