1. apollo246 says:

    This was actually a lot more fun for me than I had anticipated after viewing the pic previews. Virgo’s acting as the “interviewer” was hilarious, she can actually act lolol. The glasses though, damn, she looks hot in those, needs to do more scenes in glasses. The positions were pretty basic, but at least the ones used gave a good view of her pussy getting fucked most of the time, however, one would think that with an ass like that, they’d have her do some sort of riding position. It seemed like she was genuinely enjoying the scene though, after all, she just had to lay there most of the time and get fucked, lol.
    The most hilarious thing that happened was when the fake monitor dropped off the table as it was rocking and she paused and said “you broke my monitor”,that was totally hilarious, not sure they had it planned that way but her response was totally on point.
    Lastly, she seems to be getting back to her trimmer shape based on how she looked in this and her other recent vids especially around her tummy.

  2. Assaayy says:

    Holla, here she is again… with her massive thights and belly, nice striae (strechmarks) and some cellulitis.
    I wonder when she is prepared to present us fans her pregnant belly…
    da capo – da capo!

  3. ay says:


    you deserve to fuck virgo for free..

    damn …thanks keep it up

  4. dh says:

    can you get the bts of this scene?

  5. bjn76 says:

    new videos virgo??