DP Maria Bose

Posted: 16th June 2018 by RealFastMustang in BBW, IR, latin fire, PHAT ASSES

please look at screens closely, this one won’t be for everyone…

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  1. Timeclock122 says:

    Mate I’ve been counting the days for this kind of upload, getting better by the day. Love all the content but glad to see this variety as well.

  2. Mr Eman says:

    Hi Mustang. A word witcha. I know you’ve spoken about this on another post in the comments about the term “fantasy” involving 3D hentai. OK. To each his own. You said you were “100% On your Assoholics shit.” On June 10th 4:26 pm ,”That dude” on a Futa hentai post said ‘The seed is planted. It’ll sink in one day”. I’m here to say, TODAY is that day. Your response makes me ask… Is this the future of Assoholics ? As a straight dude seeing this on the front page as a download, reading what you wrote.. I’m saying , with all due respect …WTF ?


    • Respectfully, some of y’all dudes need to STFU with this bullshit… If you scrolled down the front page & see ONE scene you don’t approve of, what does that mean…? It means, DOWNLOAD everything that you approve of… Y’all know good & damn well that the climate at Assoholics ain’t never changin’ … how long have we been here?? I post 5 Hentai vids out of 1 million… and Clowns have somethin’ to say, lol!! & Interestingly enough, those Hentai vids got more downloads than almost EVERYTHING else I posted that day… (with the exception of the 2 primary post, for that day).

      If you have been around here enough, you’d know… I NEVER shy away from post a vid that has AMAZING female talent in it… It could be Darlene gettin’ pounded by a Tranny… that could be Sophie Dee strapping a dude (for the 2nd half of the vid)… Or, here… we have “Maria Bose” who is usually VERY popular amongst the fellow Assoholics…

      Some people are ok with watching a vid that has an amazing female being fucked… SOME people don’t actually care who is fuckin’ her… they just care about the primary female in the vid… There are ALOT of people that frequent this site… & Based on DL numbers in the past… I’m never gonna ignore a vid with a chick that has a good demand.

      At the end of the day… Assoholics, will always be what it is… If having to bunny hop 2 post per month, on average, stresses you out…

      Let’s just say… I couldn’t care less… TRUST ME.

  3. Mr Eman says:

    I understand. I’m just wasting my time typing paragraphs to you, because of my own insecurities. I understand that you clearly stated that the post won’t be for everyone. I probably should have just minded my business and downloaded the scenes that interest me. Why I am wasting time crying about a post that takes a split second to scroll past, is beyond me. I appreciate all the great scenes you provide. I will just shut my fucking mouth & enjoy the rest of my day!

    Thank you RFM! I vist your site several times a day!