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  1. wazza says:

    great post,, if u dont mind re-upping the previous post of rosee divine cz they r dead,, would really appreciate it

  2. sean J says:

    get that new jayla up homie


  4. pandamator says:

    Thank you Sir!! much appreciated.Can u reup the vids of Amber Priddy too? thanks in advance

  5. farhad says:

    what is the resolution of the videos? and how many clips are in it? 🙂

  6. blahblah says:


    3 scenes

  7. mark says:

    reup bro please

  8. lovin your site says:

    Any chance for a reup of this? love these scenes. Thanks a great deal for all your work on this site!

  9. senorguti says:

    reup pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  10. someonehelp says:

    RealFastMustang do you got rosse shower scene from bluestar in 1080p ? if you do it would be nice to post up 🙂

  11. Yagami says:

    They were missing some videos:
    Bitch Bad
    I’m Gone
    French Connection
    Got Molly

  12. INroseedivineASS says:

    thanks realfastmustang.really nice upload.. damn that ass doe

    just a request mate if u can upload recent updates of rosee divine as in chocolate models site.
    wish we can see how her booty looks now as her twitter shows it has become so perfect nowadays.

  13. Yagami says:

    Thanks, finally he read my comment.

  14. glencocoe says:

    Dont even mind re-Dl’ing this 🙂 full scenes all aggregated…love it

  15. smh says:

    RFM, hey can you upload also the Rosee’s got molly and im gone videos at full hd, bro?

    thanks in advance.

  16. cathlecoxxx says:

    Please re-up these. I missed out. Need 1080p <3.

  17. rod777 says:

    Drakes baby mama

  18. Camron301 says:

    Lol, way to remind folks about her. She’s always had a butter face, but DAT ASS THO….!!!! We can see why/how Drake shot her club up lol!

  19. trillestt says:

    relevant drop haha

  20. RicoDaKid says:

    I laughed my ass off when I saw this as the first post! Idk how Drake can respond to Pusha but he better have some heat!

    • Lyrically, I actually STILL think Drake’s “Duppy” is better… Pusha’s shit was just SOOOO Disrespectful… and to be honest… The “40” almost made me not like it… That shit was just a lil’ too much, for me…

      But, I’m hyped to see where this goes…

      • Yenofwu says:

        If you gonna come at the king, you gotta come hard. Push dont seem to care…its like its just business…but since business is always personal…let me body your whole crew.- Like he said…he wants him to get mad.

        The hilarious part about this for me is…Drake Ghost Writes…thats like hiring a team of coders to make a app. Drake a business guy and his business is hit making. Push exposing what most already know…drake makes music but he aint some creative genius- hate the last part because MS is a evil monster…but murderes not concerned about how your mom gonna take the news…push a murderer…

  21. RicoDaKid says:

    I laughed my ass off when I saw this as the first recent post! Idk how Drake can respond to Pusha but he better have some heat!

  22. Grateful Lurker says:

    Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world- EGHCK!!

  23. Soulja says:

    Back in the day she didn’t seem so ugly.. I guess social media going so hard on her features got me looking at her differently. She still got at least 5 nuts out of me in the past tho. Haha

  24. Mr Eman says:

    Hey RFK, am I the only one or is there a Capcha (I’m not a robot, check here) box when I check into your site ?

  25. Gio says:

    I don’t blame Drake for smashing this broad but when you’re as big as Drake is in terms of popularity (I don’t think he’s the best rapper in the game) you gotta strap up man.. Like you got a whole brand to protect and you can’t be having kids with broads like this tbh… I know this is more of soft core porn but still.. And then you’ve been practically ignoring the kid, that’s a bad look man.

    • What I don’t want to do, is jump out the window & act like because Pusha T said some shit… it ALL has to be true… For all I know, Drake just wants his private life, PRIVATE… I haven’t investigated anything, because at the end of the day.. I’m bumpin’ Daytona.. and Ima be knockin’ Scorpion… I don’t really give a shit about either of these rich ass dudes (outside of fictional rapping) …

      I’m JUST tryna say… what if Drake does have a solid relationship with his son (who lives over seas with the mother)… Of course, I would recommend MY KID(S) living over seas… But, if someone offered me the opportunity to make Drake’s money, but the ONLY caveat was that I had to have a long distance relationship with my kids… You would HAVE to take it… So, I can understand the mother being the primary care taker of the child… (As long as she doesn’t have ANY financial issues).

      But anyways… let’s see what Drake’s next move is…

      • Txpimp says:

        The thing is the chick had Drake is a deadbeat dad as her pinned post before her twitter account went private.

        Drake dun goofed, its one thing to knock down this chick its another thing to knock her up. That body fades asap and all you left with is a fat horse face looking chick that use to do soft core porn…… THAT alone should end his career…..

        Drake arguable had some of the baddest bitches in the game AND that is the chick you got caught up with… Drake has to hold this L FOREVER….

        Remember when people gave Kanye shit for dating Amber because she was a stripper…. In Kanye defense at least she was the BADDEST stripper and still has an insane body/face….. Drake knocked up a C list softcore pornstar.

        I think Pusha is up 2-1…. his latest track and the soft jabs at drake pushed him enough to make a diss track.

        Duppy was good but it was 80% about Ye and stuff we already knew. Ye never hide the fact he has people help him on tracks…. Pusha took it to a whole different level… I respect it

  26. Miles says:

    I was never a fan. yeah shes dumb thick, but her ass just don’t really have much shape to it.

  27. elcazador375 says:

    please upload the link of this video “Bitch Bad” from the rapidgator server

  28. tee says:

    Always thought this chick’s face was beat. Big ass though so that’s enough for most dudes including Drake lol

  29. kush4prez says:

    Yo RFM… Nice drop can u reup the second link bad bitch on rapidgator its down for some reason. preciate ur hard work bro

  30. PornoM4n says:

    Have you other vids from BSL? Cheeki Breeki, and Krystle DaRosa – two Goddesses! Thanks for the uploads, Mustang -))