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  1. Shola says:

    So is Klara European or is she also latin?

    • pretty sure she’s just european… but, i just tag her as latin because of HOW she looks… ’cause usually if you fuck wit latin chicks, you’ll fuck with Klara… and vice versa… Sometimes I use the latin tag, based more off of skin complexion and ass type….

    • cavvaleer says:

      The word Latin doesn’t really mean anything, other than not American, White or Black. There were so many Germans in Central America in 1939 that the US Army sent scouts there to determine if they would try to attack the US through Mexico. The only countries with more Germans and Japanese than Brazil are Germany and Japan. It’s the same with every other so-called “Latin” country. Lebanese, Syrian, Irish, German, Scott, etc, as well as Spanish and African, all migrated or were brought there.

  2. flipmode says:

    was wondering could you rip a couple of hidden camera workout vids from this site http://www.rodneystcloud.com/preview.htm

  3. ChoppTv says:

    She’s from Spain

  4. AlmightyGlo says:

    Klara has been comin with nothin but fire she’s puttin in that work. Preciate this drop uncle Mustang

  5. good lookin out says:

    thanks for the 720 version mustang…was disappointed when I originally only saw the 480p. happily fapping now

  6. Ruck says:

    Props on dat one man! lots of good stuff in them last waves!

  7. ll says:

    shes actually gone under her new stage name “Assh Lee”