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The days of What will you do for a klondike bar are dead!! Now it’s more about what would you do for the right amount and so we get … recession decisions. Hollywood, beautiful woman, HUGE ASS, NICE SIZE TITS, but these troublesome time within the market have filled her with the money on the mind. I didn’t say it, she did, money money money!!! The girl can’t make up her mind, Preston asked her if he can stick his finger in her ass and she said yeah, he did and she said no. This update is one not to be missed because there’s ass here for days and this one has natural comedic content!!!!!

  1. z8 says:

    Dang man. This chick was like one and done. Instant classic right here. She also seemed crazy as hell. lol

  2. niceone says:

    There is one more scene with her

  3. pawg lover says:

    Hollywood is a stunner when it comes to phatness. Not to mention she sports a pair of big natural juggs not many pawgs can brag about. Shame she lasted the blink of an eye, definitely had huge potential. I agree she doesn’t seem the most mentally stable person in the universe 🙂 Hopefully she was just trying to look fun.

    Yes, she did some work for Bootylicious, but it was only photosets, if I’m not mistaken. If this isn’t the case, I’ll join the website just to get that scene 😀

    • Dennypas says:

      I think that scene was only pics, no video. If i had to guess I’d say it was just simulated sex. When her scene came out back in the day I did some research and found an old backpage ad for her in miami. I would assume she is back to her old ways… She did mention she was a “vegas girl” lol.

  4. P.R. says:

    There’s something up with the rg link. My download manager keeps sending an error message for this file only. Luckily I have a premium account to datafile also…gonna try that.

  5. Cocobunji says:

    This has always been one of those scenes that i wish was great but i could never get into. I like this chicks body but that ending just always kills it for me and this dude, no matter what scene he is in, is always awful. Always. He fucks up and scene he touches cause his pipe game is about -15/10

  6. Aditya says:

    There is another scene of Hollywood in the webiste Bootyliciousmag by the name I love Choclate. However, there is no link or torrent to download that scene. If anybody has her scene from that website can kindly share in this blog. Would really appreciate.

  7. K says:

    Rapidgator.net link is dead

  8. Jeremy says:

    link dont word, reup

  9. Lakers says:

    reup rapidgator please

  10. Fatmanscoop says:


  11. mr nice guy says:

    reup please

  12. z8g says:

    No one has seen this crazy chick anymore? We gotta search this body out. Can’t believe she only did one?

    • Yeah, it’s definitely a DAMN shame… Probably some bad business… OR, some family member made her feel some type of way about how she decided to get money…

      If I had to bet money… I’d say some sugar daddy said let me scoop this thing up & wife her, while she only has ONE scene under her belt…

  13. Thad says:

    Niice! Sharing the wealth as always

  14. blakmagik says:

    Hey RFM…not sure if you saw my message in the last thread (I think it got buried in there) but just wanted to throw my request in there with the others if you can please get the new Mazzaratie b/g scene that has her and someone OTHER than her lame husband OR the that balding dude with the horrible comb-over. Lol! Thanks man!!!

  15. MS in CH-TWN says:

    @Jinx – I got BOTH photosets from Scoreland. Mustang how can I get them to you for publish? I got a K2S acct I can zip them

    • MS in CH-TWN says:

      PS – why the HELL is my business logo showing up as my icon lol

    • I wasn’t really worried about the photosets… I just wanted the video… But, apparently they NEVER actually shot a video – OR… they never got the proper authorization to sell it…

      Or, they just use her AMAZING ass body to pump fake people in to buying memberships… IOKNOW.

  16. Mike Hunt says:

    It looks like Preston shot a huge load on her face but for some reason they didn’t actually show him do it.