Evasive – Luana

Posted: 11th February 2018 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, DAMN, latin fire, oiled asses/tits, PHAT ASSES
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  1. Noggs says:

    BIG thanx again RFM!

  2. heatnation says:

    She would definitely be the GOAT Brazilian chick….if there was no Darlene or Monica Santhiago.

    • See… I’m REALLY not sure if either of them are better tho’… All on similar levels, no doubt… but better?? Luana actually has a more bangin’ body to me… Darlene’s bubbly ass is a lil’ bigger, But… Im not sure if she really has a better shape… Luana is “finer” to me… & I think Darlene & Luana are both > Monica Santhiago IMO (even though she’s nice too)…

      I’d actually take Julyana over Monica… & a personal favorite just for pure entertainment purposes ONLY… not necessarily saying her body is ALL natural, or better… is Soraya… That’s a HELLUVA ass there, fake or not…

    • Tha Don says:

      For me Aliyah from big bubble butt brazilian orgies 2&3 & onion booty is hands down the goat, body was straight banging, ass to waist ratio was ridiculous, she could deepthroat too just an overall great performer and I remember her making a dude tap out in one of those orgy flicks lol, luana is a bad bish tho

  3. Mr. Pete says:

    That Patricia BomBom scene from ‘Big Slippery Brazilian_Asses 2’ is an all time Brazilian favorite but, Diana from ‘Big Booty Revenge 2″ and Natasha Lima from “Ass Everywhere’ and a couple of the ‘Big Ass Anal Heaven” movies are two of the best combinations of “fine” and banging “body”

  4. Mr. Pete says:

    Hey man, how to you contribute to the site? I got over 2000 DVDs from about 1999 until about 2009, and terabytes of movies and clips from 2009 until today. I probably got scenes you been looking for.

  5. kevin says:

    Think you could get some of these videos?

    It’s part of evasiveangles.com


  6. Sleep says:

    Damn where’d all them chicks go? Those where def the glory days as the recent wave of brazilian chicks have fallen way the fuck off.



      • LOM says:

        You know I might have to agree wit that…

        A lot of black porn now is showing way too much man ass, that shit is super annoying. White porn seems to have the POV game down to perfection, you only see part of the man that is necessary and ALL girl.

        White porn makes you feel like your smashing. Black porn makes you feel like a cuck.

  7. LOM says:

    GOATs: Luana, Darlene, Sara (only did one scene tho..)

    Sleepers: Racia, Virginia, Leonora, Mayara Rodrigues

    All where my favorites back in the day

  8. iNvictus says:

    Can you re upload some 1080p Brenda Werner ? THANX

  9. z8g says:

    Has luna shown up anything recent? I am curious how that body looks now?

  10. eazystreet says:

    Man RFM u the illest ni33a doing it! I put in a request for this joint and you granted it the next day, Youre like the porn jenie granting wishes! Much respect!

  11. eazystreet says:

    And while yall on the subject of thick brazilians you cant forget brenda! ass was on swole!

    • She might have been the one that started me on Brazilian Ass.. Darlene was SOON after… then, Luana… They are ALL amazing… Luana probably has the best body, face & complexion… But, they are all amazing…

      I wish Darlene would actually do some shit worth buying, these days… I’d be ALL over it!

  12. Kimbo7656 says:

    Nanda, Sandra, Luana, Darlene, and Aaliyah. In that order for my all time favorite Brazilian porn actresses.

  13. Cavaleer says:


  14. Fiveforball says:

    Ya Allyia from onion booty getting tagged team back in the day was the biz.. ive never seen ber in anything else. Rfm you are the man my ninja.✊?ty