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  1. HotDamn87 says:

    Hey RFM , Nice drop…as always!!! And this chick is on Backpage in Houston so U know how those girls be Smh

    • Oh ok… I feel you…

      damn, she needs to make a comeback to porn… ASAP.

    • nate says:

      i use backpage before when i was in a dry spell. some girls dont mess with the brothas

      • HotDamn87 says:

        U just gotta know how to use it… I live in the ATL so U run into A LOT of girls who U would never expect to be on there, including strippers & porn stars!!!

        • Nate says:

          So HotDamn87, when their profile says exactly ..Absolutely no Black Guys what am I suppose to do! Convince them I’m not black?

          • HotDamn87 says:

            Nate, why would U want a chick who doesn’t want your ass in return?!?! Lol Well, some of them say that but they really mean no hood or cheap niggas so I don’t know what to say… I’ve hoked up with Eve Madison, Brown Sugar, Vida Valentine, Selena Starr, Jazzie Que, & I almost got my hands on Cherokee D’ Ass & none of them said no blacks Lmao

            • nate says:

              HotDamn 87, i was talking bout those white chicks or latina chicks on backpage that Says.. No Black guys at all. im talking bout regular white, latina chicks. im not talking bout porn stars on backpage

              • HotDamn87 says:

                Nate I wouldn’t know about whie girls on there cuz they’re not my flavor PLUS cops are quick to bust your ass more often than not with white girls… But they will just probably charge U more because your black but why would U want to pay for NORMAL white girls anyway?!!!

  2. tyler durden says:

    WAITING on her to do some more



  4. rod77 says:

    hey are you staying with keep2share ? I need to know before i get a new membership.

    • Man plan was to remove k2s, because I REALLY hate them as a company, right about now… But, there are clearly a strong amount of k2s users in here… So, now I feel kinda bad removing them…

      Rapidgator is by far the majority …. So, I will ALWAYS recommend that FIRST, to my guys…

      But, ima hold on to K2s for AT LEAST another month or so… 😉

  5. HotShot says:

    if you have the access …thn could you pls upload videos from this site?

  6. Soul Glo says:

    Hi RFM, please can you upload Dees new outfits from Dee Siren. Thanks

  7. gapteeth says:

    Any chance of a America Staxx re-up from BBW highway and evasive angles
    think she has 3 scenes

    she should do more , and reminds me of this girl – just a bigger version

  8. bussdown says:

    Yo rfm can you still get joepusher videos cuz he got two new vids of that anna asscheeks chick


    my dear friend to come out an update of the super and mega ass of ANNA Asscheeks and not only 1 if not 2 video of her – as title carries

    Asscheeks 3
    Asscheeks 2

    in super hd upload yaaaaaaaaa !!!! UPDATED !!

  10. Soul Glo says:

    Hi RFM are you renewing your Dee Siren membership? There’s still a fair few of her scenes not on here